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For those blessed with beautifully skinny thighs, or those with a cardio regimen that earns them, this style is perfect to draw some attention to those gams. Leg chains have been on the party set as well as the festival set this summer, with early believers including Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, and Vanessa Hudgens. Thigh chains can lean a little toward S&M garter if you aren’t careful, but since you are on Snob Essentials we shall just assume you know to keep that in check when out on the town.

This one is shaping up to be my favorite. It’s more of a side-leg chain which seems a bit less restrictive but still adds that bit of shine beneath those destroyed denim shorts. At Forever 21icon for $30.

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GypsyLovinLight offers this absolutely beautiful leg chain for $48. It will add some intrigue to your favorite denim shorts or sundress. Available in silver or gold on GypsyLovinLight for $48.

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Here is a wispy version in gold that could attend a more formal event; those of you getting married soon in a more bohemian-style setting could even rock this in place of a traditional ruffle-infested garter. On Etsy.

Julia Hagen is currently a student at the Gemological Institute of America. Her love for jewelry started with a red bead bracelet she received as a birthday gift from her grandfather around the age of five. Other healthy addictions include shoes, Crossfit, photography and researching jewelry arts.

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Bag of the Week: Loewe Puzzle Shoulder Bag

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Bag: Loewe Puzzle Shoulder Bag

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: This inventive, architectural shoulder bag isn’t brand new, but we’ve noticed it gaining momentum among fashion insiders, celebs and our readers alike. It’s certainly an eye-catcher.

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Chanel’s Cruise 2017 Show To Take Place In Cuba

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Is Karl Lagerfeld ever going to stop working restlessly, or at least start seeking more conventional places to show his Chanel’s cruise collections? Probably not, or at least not now, as proved by his latest decision to show the upcoming Chanel cruise 2017 collection in (drum rolls, please) Havana, Cuba! Although being a culturally rich country full of traditions and history, Cuba has until this year been almost inaccessible to anyone, who was willing to seek any sort of inspiration from this amazing country.

Chanel's Cruise 2017 Show To Take Place In Havana, Cuba

In fact, for a few months already, with trade relations starting to open up between Cuba and the USA, travelers, businessmen and artists have decided to finally explore the Caribbean archipelago. Cuba has increased its popularity since earlier this year, becoming one of the most popular destinations for many celebrities, such as Katy Perry, Rihanna and the rock & roll star Mick Jagger. Karl Lagerfeld also decided to contribute to the new Cuban chapter, explaining his choice of the location for the Chanel cruise 2017 show stating that “the cultural wealth and the opening of Cuba to the world, make the country a source of inspiration for me and Chanel”.

On the other hand, being the first Latin American country to ever host a Chanel cruise collection’s fashion show, Cuba will also represent a new chapter in Chanel’s history. So, for this forthcoming cruise collection we must expect a mixture of French, Caribbean and Latin American influences, which will probably give Chanel a whole new and unexpected look.

However, although Chanel’s fashion show is going to be the first major fashion event to hit the Cuban capital (its cruise 2017 collection is set to take place in Havana on May 3, 2016), Lagerfeld is not the first fashion designer who found himself greatly inspired by the Cuban culture and nature. Most recently, in fact, designers such as Proenza Schouler’s creative directors and Stella McCartney have been influenced by Cuba, giving their resort 2016 collections a colorful and cheerful Caribbean look.

Cuba, which tried to enter the fashion circuit in the late Eighties with a fashion show called ‘Cubamoda’ (sponsored by the French brand Contrex and which hosted designers such as Paco Rabanne), may finally be ready to enter the spotlight thanks to Chanel. There’s already great anticipation about the event, and many newspapers and reporters can’t help but show their great excitement about it.“In Cuba next spring, leading fashion figures will gather in Havana in one of the most anticipated events in the past half century,” stated an official report by AIN, the Cuban official distributor.

Since the early ’00s, Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld has circled the globe with his cruise fashion events, flying from Dubai to Singapore, Venice and, most recently, to Seoul. He has always drawn great inspiration from these exotic and exciting cultures, creating some of his most acclaimed pieces. Cuba’s unexplored territory is surely giving a lot of work to Lagerfeld, and we can’t do anything but wait for the designer’s next unconventional show.

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Alexander Wang Prisma Envelope Sling Bag in Oxblood with Rhodium
Size: 8.5’ x 6’ x 3’ (L x H x W)
Price: $1246 USD or €820 EUR via MyTheresa

We’ve prepared something different for you today, ladies! From Alexander Wang comes the Prisma Envelope Sling Bag, an all-around piece that you’ll surely want to wear everyday. And we’re just about to show you why you have to get this latest ‘it’-piece.

Compact and boxy, this seemingly small prisma envelope sling ain’t your ordinary crossbody – it has an adjustable strap, signature rhodium dogclips and magnetic closure, which keeps all of your personal effects in there. It even comes with a hidden slip pocket on the back exterior, two flat compartments with zipped divider pocket and a main compartment that’s large enough to fit all of your essentials. Truly, no one does it like Alexander Wang.

Choose from an array of colors and designs to choose from (Cult, Embossed Timber, and Oxblood). You can get your very own Prisma Envelope Sling Bag via Alexander Wang and MyTheresa.


Alexander Wang Prisma Envelope Sling Bag in Cult with Rhodium
Size: 8.5’ x 6’ x 3’ (L x H x W)
Price: $750 USD, €820 EUR


Alexander Wang Prisma Envelope Sling Bag in Embossed Timber with Rhodium
Size: 8.5’ x 6’ x 3’ (L x H x W)
Price: $750 USD, €820 EUR


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H&M + Balmain #BALMAINATION Collection Lookbook: Womens


Left: Embellished mulberry silk blazer, SGD699, embroidered blouse, SGD159, cable leather belt, SGD199. Right: Sheepskin leather jacket, SGD549, mulberry silk blouse, SGD159, suede calfskin clutch, SGD299. 

Left: Embroidered cotton dress, SGD399, gold necklace, SGD159, cable leather belt, SGD199, gold bracelets, SGD139 each. Right: Pink embellished dress*, SGD599, high-heeled stilettos, SGD299. 

Left: Gold embellished dress*, SGD799, earrings, SGD59.90. Right: Green velvet dress, SGD249, mulberry silk blouse, SGD159, faux fur jacket, SGD249, cable leather belt, SGD159, suede calfskin bag, SGD399.

Left: Faux fur crop jacket, SGD199, embroidered blouse, SGD159, velvet dress, SGD249, flared trousers, SGD199. Right: Blue embroidered blouse, SGD249, red mulberry silk skirt, SGD159. 

Left: Sequinned dress*, SGD899. Right: Gold sweater, SGD199, pleated mulberry silk pants, SGD159, calf leather belt, SGD99.90, embroidered top, SGD199.

Left: Double-breasted wool jacket, SGD199, lambskin leather clutch, SGD249, shawl lapel cotton blazer, SGD249. Right: Turtleneck top, SGD99.90, skirt, SGD99.90, double-breasted long wool blazer, SGD249, long-sleeved striped silk shirt, SGD119, striped jeans, SGD159, tube top, SGD59.90.

Left: Red bodycon dress, SGD119, mulberry silk dress, SGD299. Right: Gold embroidered blouse*, SGD599, flared mulberry silk trousers, SGD199.

After the official ad campaign, and the mens lookbook which you’ve already seen, here’s the third post that many have been waiting for. Yes, here are the official looks from the H&M + Balmain #BALMAINATION just for the ladies and I’ve included their prices in SGD as best I can. And while the mens collection has both statement and everyday pieces, the womens collection is decidedly all statement, and I’ll be honest, I have trouble seeing our local lasses decked out in this collaboration collection and walking down Orchard Road on any given day.

These pieces, will, however come in handy with the slew of year-end parties coming up, also applicable for your company’s D&D or maybe some clubbing night-out with the girls.

Something to note though, some pieces in this collection are more limited than the rest, because of the amount of craftsmanship (beading, embroidery, you name it, they’ve got it) that goes into it. From what I’ve heard, these pieces may be limited to just 1 piece per size in Singapore, and while also more expensive than the norm, they are in a sense true collector’s items as well. For those pieces I’ll include an * after the description, and if I missed out on anything, or if you have any more questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Tod’s: Cape Attraction By David Bailey


There are Instagram snaps of bags you see online and there are shots of bags you see in print, and then there are these, which you could say is taking it to the next level. Lensed by respected photographer David Bailey, who has never shot a bag as the lead in his works ever, comes Cape Attraction, a project he describes as a first, wanting to show the unique relationship between a woman and this very special object. ‘It’s an intimate and profound connection, strong and sensual,’ he says, adding that ‘a bag is a woman’s object of desire and her most loyal keeper of treasures and secrets.’

The result? 4 very distinct portraits that you the viewer can interpret any which way you want, from it being artistically-sublime to head-scratching question marks, the whole purpose of this exercise is perhaps just to show you the Italian house’s icon in a different light. In other words, not just a bag that’s big on function but one that can hold her own too with her own leather-crafted curves.

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