Chanel Pre-Spring 2016 Iridescent Collection

2016-1-29 fashion Other Brands


You probably know what I’m going to say, that with the Lunar New Year just around the corner, it’s perhaps time to start looking for a new wallet to herald in the new year properly. Ditto for Valentine’s Day, just because, it’s the one day you should reward yourself, or hint heavily to your loved on. So I’ll just cut to the chase and show you Chanel’s newest boutique arrivals from her Pre-Spring 2016 collection, the SLGs that come in the loveliest of iridescent pastel calfskins.

While the Boy Chanel bags from the same seasonal launch come in much bolder pastels, only the SLGs it seems are in these soft, almost pearl-esque patent hues. Comprising flap wallets in different styles and the ever iconic WOC, they come inLight Blue, Light Pink and the lightest of greens that I can only describe as the most unripe of avocado. Yes, not the most sexiest way to describe any colour I’m sure, but this hue is so pretty.

Priced at SGD1310 and SGD1460 respectively for both flap wallets and aroundSGD3000 for the WOC, you should be able to find them all at Chanel boutiques in either Marina Bay Sands or Ngee Ann City.


And since we are still on the topic of getting yourself something new for CNY/Valentine’s, here are the bright pastel Boy Chanel boys I was talking about earlier. In chevron-quilted calfskin with silver-tone hardware, we have the smallerPink on on the left measures 20 cm across and is priced at SGD5710. The bigger Light Pink one on the right? That measures 28 cm across and comes in at SGD6930. Not as bling, but still as pretty, no?


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