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90s Chanel Jewelry

Grab your body glitter, your mood rings and your scrunchies: the 90’s are coming! Here are some of our favorite 90s  Chanel accessories. And don’t forget to check out our The 90s Trends You’ll Need Chanel Curation!

1. Chokers

Chanel Chokers available on PORTERO.com
From Top to Bottom: Vintage Chanel Pearl and Camellia Flower Choker. Vintage Chanel Gold Choker and Bracelet Set. Vintage Leather and Medallion Coin Chanel Choker.


Chokers are the quintessential 90s jewelry. Leave the plastic tattoo ones for the young girls; sophisticated women wear Chanel. Whether you’re looking for iconic Chanel pearls with an iconic 90’s motif, like a flower, or looking for something more dramatic, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love in our Chanel jewelry category.

2. Clear Handbags

Clear Chanel Flap Bags available on PORTERO.com

Vintage Gold Naked Jumbo Classic Flap Bag. Chanel Clear Vinyl Classic Flap Bag.


There are so many pros to owning one of these vintage Chanel Flap Bags: their jumbo size make them extra roomy, they go very well from day to night, they can be worn with jeans and sneakers or an LBD, but mostly, they’re a great excuse to purchase pretty pouches a fun phone case to put inside.

3. Cuffs

Vintage Chanel Cuffs available on PORTERO.com

Vintage Chanel Logo Cuff. Vintage Chanel 31 Rue Cambon Cuff


All the cool kids in school were wearing cuffs to show off their rebellious side. Elevate this 90s punk look with gorgeous chunky gold tone Chanel cuffs. The top one is a definite collector’s item in dark brown, rich thick plastic and gold plating, and the bottom cuff is a runway piece, meaning very few were made, making that much more special.

4. Hoop Earrings

Chanel Hoop Earrings available on PORTERO.com
Clockwise from top left: Vintage Chanel Sunburst CC Hoop Earrings. Vintage Chanel Paris Hoop Earrings. Vintage Black Chanel Hoop Earrings. Large Vintage Chanel CC Earrings.


Another staple of the 90s were the hoop earrings, preferably in bold gold tones. If you’re looking for a statementearrings, Chanel hoops are as eye-catching as they come.

5. Fanny Packs

Chanel Fanny Packs available on PORTERO.com

Vintage Chanel Chain Belt with Micro Classic Flap Bag. Vintage Lime Green Chanel Fanny Pack.


Do you remember the days before cell phones? When all you had to carry was your lipstick and some cash? If you’re looking for hands-free ease (something Chanel is quite known for) a fanny pack is the perfect choice for you. Both of the pieces above are rare finds from Chez Coco!

6. Barrettes

Chanel Barrettes available on PORTERO.com

Chanel Black Leather and CC Logo Barrette Hair Clip. Chanel Gold Plated Barrette

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