2017-7-28 fashion Fashion

Many of the professional footballers and Oscar-nominated actors have the ability to pull off a suit effortlessly. There is no reason why you can’t do just that.

The most important thing when aiming to look dapper in a suit is confidence. The way to ultimate confidence when fastening those cufflinks is knowing that all of the different parts of the outfit are going to come together as a cohesive package.

Pulling off a suit is one of the classiest abilities yet, but it’s not rocket science. You just need to take it from the top and break it down. Here are some rules to help you look dapper in a suit for any occasion.


When wearing a jacket, shoulder alignment is the most important thing to get right in regards to your suit because it cannot be tailored. The shoulder of the jacket should end before the end of your actual shoulder.

You can determine this by leaning up against a wall. If the shoulder pad hits the wall before your actual shoulder, then it is too big for you. Another way to tell is that if the shoulder has a divot, the coat is too wide. If it forms an X shape when buttoned, it is too snug. Aim for somewhere in the middle.


The armholes of a jacket can be the small difference between a will-fitting modern jacket and a poor fitting, more conservatively cut jacket. The main aim is to have them high, but without having any restriction of movement. When moving your arm, your whole jacket should not move with it.

This is something else that cannot be tailored, so it is important that you check before you purchase. There is nothing worse than a suit jacket that is too small/big and it is noticeable a mile off. Ensure it fits well and gives you a complete range of motions both buttoned up and unbuttoned.


You should try and wear a suit that compliments your body type. If you are short, stick to single-breasted jackets. If you go for a double breasted jacket, it can make you look like you are drowning in fabric and appear smaller. If you are bigger around your middle, wear a lower buttoning jacket rather than one with a high placket in order to get a longer silhouette.

The fit of your suit should be close to your body, but not too close otherwise it will look like you are being smothered. Usually, a tailor will need to take in the sides of your suit to create a trimmer silhouette.


Make sure that you opt for the right accessories for the occasion. A silver tie looks great with a black tuxedo. Coloured ties are also great for a range of occasions, as long as it doesn’t take the focus away from your overall suit. When choosing a belt, black is the best option, unless you are wearing a khaki-toned suit, which should be worn with a brown belt. Match your belt buckle to the other accessories you are wearing, such as your watch.

Tie pins are great for practicality as well as accessorizing. Go for a style that matches your overall look and go down the same road with your cufflinks. You generally do not need any other type of accessory; you don’t want to overdo it. Stick with these basics to bling up a suit and it’s just enough to add that dapper touch.


The ‘trouser break’ refers to the amount of fabric that is left over after the leg ends that drape over the shoes. The fashion trend of right now is to have little to no trouser break. This looks great with the slim fits that are really popular now. If you’re going for a look that is a compromise of trendy and appropriate, go for a small break. Anything more and it will look like you are borrowing your dad’s suit- not a good look!

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