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Topshop Boo Slogan Ghost T-Shirt $30
Topshop ‘Boo’ Slogan Ghost T-Shirt $30
Celebrate Halloween in style wearing a cropped top with a playful ghost design.

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are looking for some more accessories, Topshop has plenty of options. Its Halloween line recently launched with a selection of headbands, masks and t-shirts. Whether you want to rock bunny ears with a sexy bodysuit or a ghost t-shirt with jeans, these styles will bring some spooky vibes to the October holiday. Discover our picks from the Halloween shop below, and see more at Topshop.com.

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Topshop Glitter Cat Ears Headband $14
Topshop Glitter Cat Ears Headband $14
Channel feline vibes in a headband decorated with sparkling glitter.
Topshop Contrast Stitch Mini Bodycon Dress $48
Topshop Contrast Stitch Mini Bodycon Dress $48
This little black dress features contrast stitching for a spiderweb effect.
Topshop Floral Headband $22
Topshop Floral Headband $22
Channel spooky vibes in a floral headband with a sheer black veil.
Topshop Vinyl Bunny Ears Headband $20
Topshop Vinyl Bunny Ears Headband $20
This headband features black vinyl bunny ears for a sexy Halloween costume.
Topshop Filigree Silver Mask $14
Topshop Filigree Silver Mask $14
Turn up the shine factor in a glitzy mask made from silver-tone.
Topshop Halloween Cobweb Alice Band $22
Topshop Halloween Cobweb Alice Band $22
It is time for spooky vibes with a cobweb headband featuring bejeweled accents.

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