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Pyramid Shaped Purses Are About to be Micro-Trending

Chanel’s Métiers d’Art collection is one of the most ornate collections that the brand puts out, and back in December we got a first look at the 2019 collection, which is in boutiques now. As fans have come to expect from the brand, the collection was grand and elegant. Inspired by Ancient Egypt, plenty of embellishments and metallics were seen throughout, but the standout piece in the collection was a sequined pyramid-shaped bag. This mini bag is a true show stopper—it’s both incredibly cool and ornate, but it’s also insanely expensive. Priced at $9,000 it’s a true collectors item.

This angular shape is incredibly unique and is currently a rarity in the handbag market. It works because it’s on trend with the mini bags of the moment, and in recent seasons designers have begun to experiment a fair bit with handbag shapes. The pyramid shaped bag is fun, and wildly different, making it a trend to watch. The trickle down effect (meaning that a fashion trend flows vertically, starting with the upper class and making its way down) in fashion is a very real thing, and being that Chanel, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton all have their own version of a pyramid bag it’s only a matter of time before other designers as well as contemporary bag brands adapt this new shape too.

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Chanel Pyramid Shaped Bag($3,600)

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Chanel Sequined Pyramid Shaped Bag($9,000)

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Saint Laurent Pyramid Metallic Minaudière($1,550)

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Saint Laurent Pyramid Lambskin Minaudière($1,450)

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Louis Vuitton Toupie Bag($1,950)

6 / 6

Nita Suri LIA Handbag($800)