Johnny Coca Debuts Mulberry Fall 2016 RTW Collection at LFW


Johnny Coca finally brought Mulberry back to the runway with his debut Mulberry fall/winter 2016-17 ready-to-wear collection, unveiled at London Fashion Week. An incredible number of Mulberry followers (and not only) hope Johnny Coca is going to be the man that will finally make Mulberry shine again, after some turbulent years that resulted in almost disastrous collections and decreasing sales. Coca, also known as the mind behind the iconic Celine Trapeze Bag (before taking the helm at Mulberry he worked as Céline’s accessory designer), knew that everyone was in anticipation of seeing a winning collection finally and did meet all the expectations.

Mulberry Fall/Winter 2016-2017 RTW - London Fashion Week

Spanish-born Coca focused on the everyday busy woman, drawing inspirations from what he sees on the streets. At the same time, he did not want to eradicate Mulberry’s British true essence, making sure the label’s heritage was not going AWOL. That said, the Mulberry fall 2016 RTW collection gracefully combines wearable pieces with eccentric accessories, chic materials and colors, adding the more contemporary and cosmopolitan touch Mulberry needed.

“It’s very important to be very specific and unique and keep a very strong character and eccentricity,” explained Coca backstage, adding that he deeply wanted to “create something very strong, very honest, very British.” And to create a full-loaded British collection he opted for royal, punk-rock, heroin-chic and Britain’s traditional influences, easily to be found in the jabot collars, layered ruches and pleated skirts.

The collection’s contemporary twist is exceptionally vivid throughout the color palette used and the great variety of materials, which even match fishnet attachments to silky pieces and transparent lace fabrics to glittery motifs. As for the colors, although being predominantly dark-toned, the lineup also showcases some bright proposals, featuring vivid shades from fire red to bold yellow (namely two of next fall’s most wanted hues). These two colors, along with orange and shocking blue, not only embellish most of the collection’s pieces, but also serve as accent hues for total-black outfits.

Being a great accessory designer, Coca also used a similar color palette to embellish most of the lace-up shoes, bags and floral adornments, clearly adding a punk-rock tone to the entire collection. To accentuate this aspect he also employed a lot of fishnet detailing, as if he was trying to evoke a sort of ‘good girl gone bad’ kind of attitude. He did not, of course, stop there, as he skillfully added ‘master of color-blocking motifs’ to his CV thanks to some well-served yellow and purple outfits (which I am personally hopelessly in love with).

Creeper-looking pointy-toe shoes, military jackets and leather essentials help the collection’s girl-power vibes grow in style, becoming even stronger when combined with furry waistcoats and see-through lace mini dresses. Plunging v-necklines and hourglass silhouettes create an intriguing contrast with the oversized bomber jackets and mannish trousers, strengthening the whole ‘street-style meets British-style’ concept.

Metal detailing and soft organza skirts also took advantage of such a contrast, confirming once again Coca’s tailoring skills and attention to details. He might have come into the spotlight due to his famed it-bags, but Coca definitely is a 360° artist. Regarding this, he concluded backstage: “You can’t just focus on one bag. It’s more like what you have on the street. It’s important to have a wide range of proportion and function.” And I couldn’t agree more!

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Designer Shoes

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Mary Katrantzou Fall 2016 LFW Show Featured Sparkly Butterflies


Colors, colors everywhere! Fun and swirling and beautifully contrasted, the colors take over and meld together with such a style that the eyes are left begging for more and more. There is something ethnic, something vintage and something entirely modern to futuristic about the Mary Katrantzou fall/winter 2016-2017 ready-to-wear collection, which was newly unveiled at the London Fashion Week runway, something that is exactly what the designer stands for: fun, flirty and entirely era bending, particularly where colors are involved.

Mary Katrantzou Fall/Winter 2016-2017 RTW - London Fashion Week

It is like she takes something that is fairly plain and then pulls out her paints and voila! A series of optical illusion high contrast pieces is born. It is truly a work of art, magnificent to behold, particularly as the designs take over bomber jackets. Other favorite staples in the collection are the high-waist skirts reminiscent of the 1950s and ‘60s, with shoes that take vintage to the future and give them a very interesting spin, multiple straps, closed toes and platforms and all.

There are 39 looks in the Mary Katrantzou fall 2016 collection, which does the house proud, with cartoonish skies depicted on tulle skirts under overcoats of a plain kind and lots of miniature paintings brought to the fabrics that appear throughout, from the organza to the cashmere and the corded knit sweaters too. We see heart shapes and stars all around, as well as floral creations in a graphic design. It appears as if each dress, skirt, top or head wrap is made of silk and painted on, or is a stained glass piece of artwork that has been transferred onto something wearable.

There are stripes and there are animal prints, lots of colorful fantasy butterflies and leopard skins, a few see-through creations and many more graffiti-like in painting, while all have a certain artistic flair to them that is rather hard to describe. We are in love with each and every outfit that has been pushed onto stage, where we see legs for the most part, but find the modesty of the hems rather appealing.

The best print of all though, is the hearts that appear all over and give a rather Alice in Wonderland air to it all as we can easily see some of these ladies standing guard to the Queen of Hearts. While most of the outfits have the extravagance of the colorful artistry, there are a few that are a lot milder and more down to earth, using blues and golds to get their Mary Katrantzou injection without being over the top in design.

Shiny shirts with ruffles and stars on the shoulders with snakeskin scrunched fabric waists and almost plaid-like skirts seem common enough, the skirt look also turning into and outdoor coat. One of the most appealing parts of this collection undoubtedly has to be those shoes though… Leopard platform heels anyone?

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Gucci Sylvie Leather shoulder bag


gucci-Light-Sylvie-leather-shoulder-bag (1)

gucci-Light-Sylvie-leather-shoulder-bag (2)
Your treasures will be well protected in this purse thanks to its camel colored microfiber lining with a suede-like finish and interior smartphone pocket. Whether you decide to save this adorable bag for a special occasion or wear it every day, it’s a great investment piece and a versatile addition to your wardrobe.
gucci-Light-Sylvie-leather-shoulder-bag (3)
Gucci’s Sylvie leather shoulder bag is priced at $2,490 and can be purchased at

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Vera Wang Fall/Winter 2016-2017 RTW – NYFW


Whenever a new Vera Wang collection is announced, black is to be expected. Overall, the lines don’t deviate much from this color, save for a few looks of a bright color, or white pieces spread out. For the Vera Wang fall/winter 2016-17 ready-to-wear line, however, the designer had a segment of airy olive and purple apparel in store for viewers. Those who attended the New York Fashion Week showing were greeted by the signature black looks that were to be expected, but exactly halfway through, the olive pieces began to appear, and continued on to finish out the line.

Vera Wang Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 RTW - NYFW

The collection started out with a wow moment right off the bat, with a strappy bibbed top paired with a high-slit, floor-sweeping skirt, and finished off with an edgy double-belt. The look was created in classic Vera Wang style, with the dark color scheme matching the daring garment. It also showed the beginnings of the themes that arose due to the sources of inspiration Wang chose to base this collection from.

She looked to Swiss artist and printmaker Alberto Giacometti to inspire her sweeping looks, and then all the way to the garb worn by fencers to inspire the various shapes embedded within the collection. It seems like a random duo for inspiration, but the result was a demure glamour that maintained a great deal of strength, while still being an overtly feminine commercial line.

The vests in the collection were particularly well-executed, as the finished garments were fit perfectly to the models’ bodies, and it is easy to envision nearly any shade of a long-sleeved shirt paired with it. Adding this herself would have taken away from the monochromatic vibe of the first half of the collection, so Wang opted to leave that much up to the imagination of the viewer – although without an undershirt the vest is still quite striking and memorable, so perhaps it will be seen in the next season with and without.

The shoes were certainly a curious oddity in the Vera Wang fall 2016 collection. For such a slight structure on top, the platform appeared to be astronomical. This was a distracting feature of the collection, although it’s surely an aspect that will get people talking – you can’t easily forget a shoe that insane! They were especially anomalistic when paired with shorts in the line. They weren’t an outright unattractive addition to the collection, although they did take the attention away from the clothes in certain outfits more than others.

The runway show’s finale was all about the color, however. Looks in varying shades of olive were sent down the runway, before a purple hue was briefly introduced in a look that slightly resembled something straight out of Star Wars. The sheer fabrics might not be the most practical against the chilly fall/winter temperatures, but the extra-bulky fur coats more than make up for that heat loss. The final pieces in this collection turned to sparkle and shine, in a way that was rather unprecedented among the others clothes. Although their simplicity paired with the sequins would make for a stunning moment at an evening event.

Models looked intense and noble yet aloof as they walked the catwalk, perfectly epitomizing the concept of the strong fencing theme. They were styled with a strong, masculine eyebrow and simple hair, parted right down the middle. This helped the construction in the garments to stand out, and also added to the strength and intensity of the looks and their inspirations.

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Louis Vuitton


French fashion power house Louis Vuitton is reinventing the luxurious take when it comes to hand bags with its latest Pallas Bag Collection. There are several handbags that you can choose from and trust us, each one will cater to your specific needs. One can always choose from these three beautiful LV bags: Pallas Shopper, Pallas and Pallas BB. The Pallas Shopper is another addition to the Pallas line as it redefined what a shoulder tote should look like. A match made in heaven for the modern woman, it has an elegant feminine touch combined with the Monogram canvas of which LV is known for. It has the following dimensions: 15.7′ x 10.6′ x 5.9′ inches (L x H x W) and retails for $2490 USD or €1880 euro.





The Medium Pallas Shoulder Bag on the other hand is impeccable in all its angles and perfectly fits the hands of a chic globe trotting woman. It has toron handles, adjustable and removable shoulder strap, double zip closure and microfiber lining. The Medium Pallas has the following measurements: 13.4′ x 9.8′ x 5.1′ inches (L x H x W) and is priced at $2490 USD or €1840 euro.










Lastly, the Pallas BB is too cute to handle! This one is an on-the-go bag as it adds panache to your whole ensemble. It has the following dimensions: 10.6 x 7.1 x 3.1 inches (LxHxW) and is priced at $2260 USD or €1640 euro.





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