NARS Powerfall Fall 2016 Makeup Collection


They say the advent of fall will be just awesome in the beauty arena, with dashes of Afro-American nude, au naturel elegance of ‘70s with caramel and espresso shades diffusing dizzy aroma around. It is François Nars standing behind this beauty hubbub by launching his new NARS Powerfall fall 2016 makeup collection that is set to hit the market in mid-July at NARS Cosmetics and on August 1st at other retailers, like SephoraNordstrom and Barneys.

NARS Powerfall Fall 2016 Makeup Collection

The collection will include 3 dual-intensity eyeshadows, 2 contour blushes, 2 new velvet matte lip pencils and 9 new velvet eyeliners – the whole monty meant to emulate the characters played by American actress Pam Grier, who served as the great inspiration for the creation of the lineup.

“The characters Grier played in those [’70s] movies were strong and assertive, and her look was tough, but at the same time never hard,” says Nars. “Instead of a lot of color, her makeup was more natural. The campaign references those characters and that time period with the contouring on the cheeks and the more natural palette.”

And in order to convert his great idea into reality François Nars placed his trust in the African chocolate girl Aya Jones. With an Afro hairstyle, reverse cat eyes, full nude lips and perfectly contoured cheeks, Aya comes as the best embodiment of Pam Grier’s beauty pattern. Explore the collection for your future second-to-none fall beauty moments:

NARS Powerfall Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow ($29.00)

This Allure Best of Beauty winner eyeshadow is now launched in brand new white gold, deep indigo and rose gold shades. With its feature to be used both dry and wet, the eyeshadow will veil your eyelids either with a sheer soft touch or with high-intensity saturated luxury. Check the shades below:

• Antares – iridescent white gold
• Arcturus – shimmering deep indigo
• Rigel – shimmering rose gold

NARS Powerfall Fall 2016 Makeup Collection

NARS Powerfall Contour Blush ($42.00)

To create elegantly sculpted cheeks a la Pam Grier, this contour blush to be released in two color variations will work the best. The light shade is to bring some sacramental light to your complexion, while the dark one will highlight your best points taking you to an Afro-American goddess level. You can check the shades below:

• Melina – café au lait / espresso
• Talia – light caramel / nutmeg

NARS Powerfall Velvet Eyeliner ($24.00)

When it comes to accentuating eyes, here in this zone you will not have any deficiency as the NARS Powerfall 2016 collection is launching the whole 9 eyeliners with a velvety feeling in all the jewel tones possible. You can check the shades below and invest in several shades at a time:

• Black Moon – black
• Mambo – riche hazelnut
• Curacao – turquoise blue
• Kaliste – teal
• London – stormy grey
• Blue Lotus – periwinkle
• Last Frontier – espresso
• Las Pozas – white pearl
• Darklight – navy

NARS Powerfall Fall 2016 Makeup Collection

NARS Powerfall Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($26.00)

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Givenchy Couture Fall 2016 Looks from Menswear Runway Show


Givenchy is slowly getting us used to its It-squad of supermodels that strives to change the way we treat fashion (like we did in the Nineties), and the latest Givenchy Couture fall 2016 collection’s runaway show is here to prove it once again. The show reminded us also of another trend that could become a common practice in the near future: showcasing men’s and womenswear line-ups together.

Givenchy Couture Fall 2016 Collection

Riccardo Tisci unveiled both his Givenchy spring 2017 menswear and the Givenchy Couture fall 2016 womenswear collections together in Paris, and all the looks showcased perfectly recalled the iconic, edgy approach the Italian designer loves to take when it comes to haute couture.

As for the models, who had the chance to be the first to wear Tisci’s couture creations, Kendall Jenner, Mariacarla Boscono, Irina Shayk and Bella Hadid were asked to join the catwalk along with Lea T, Joan Smalls, Natalia Vodianova and Yasmin Wijnaldum. Powerful and iconic, the squad features both longtime catwalk habitué Shayk and newly acclaimed models, such as Gigi Hadid’s sister Bella, whose first ever runaway experience was Chanel’s couture show back in January.

Tisci also tapped transgender model Lea T to walk for his show, who, besides being one of the most iconic and beloved models of the moment, reminds us about Tisci’s commitment in making the industry a more inclusive and accepting environment indeed.

As for the looks we spotted at the show, the overall theme was all about the Twenties and Thirties, with looks that combined gender-bender patterns with evening outfits that channeled pure femininity and elegance. All of the looks created an intriguing contrast with the men’s collection, the warrior-like ensembles and overall black and military green color palette of which gave the whole show a sort of street-wear and slightly futuristic allure that was a pure pleasure to watch.

Givenchy Couture Fall 2016 Collection

Although greatly varying in style, all of the aforementioned models wore one thing in common: ladylike drop earrings with gem embellishments. Although small details, these accessories enhanced the models’ facial features, just like the side-parted, super-sleek hairstyles with an edgy wet effect.

Jenner’s look kind of recalled Kris Jenner’s Great Gatsby themed birthday party. Still, at Tisci’s runaway show Kendall was seen showing off a more ladylike dress with frilled details and a one-shoulder neckline that got revamped with a modern black pattern underneath. A more mannish design was instead Shayk’s choice, whose embellished coat was one of the collection’s key staples.

Sweetheart necklines, wrapped tops and quirky shirtdresses were some of the most noteworthy designs at the show, with ties keeping the attention high on the whole gender-bender theme.

Givenchy Couture Fall 2016 Collection

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Bouchra Jarrar Unveils Lanvin Resort 2017 Collection


It is going to be an important week for Bouchra Jarrar, who currently has all eyes on her due to her newly released Lanvin resort 2017 collection. While debuting as a creative director of one of the world’s most acclaimed and oldest fashion houses in general is surely not an easy task, doing it with a resort collection might be even more stressing. Bouchra Jarrar, who has been slowly and steadily ascending the fashion industry for a few years now, was appointed as Lanvin’s creative director back in March 2016, after Alber Elbaz’s departure (who worked at the fashion house for 14 years in a row).

Lanvin Resort 2017 Collection

Jarrar presented her Lanvin resort 2017 collection in New York, miles away from home, showcasing a line-up that perfectly mixes Lanvin’s legacy and signature styles with the French designer’s clean cuts and minimalistic designs. Her educational background includes both designing apparel and jewelry pieces, and for her resort creations she infused signature lines and cuts with classic couture shapes from the Fifties and the Sixties. Her ethos is a refined, sophisticated and classic one, yet with an eased-up, modern twist.

“Bouchra Jarrar is a talented and visionary designer. She is the obvious choice for Lanvin. Her talent, her high standards and her mastery of cuts and fabrics will bring a breath of freshness and modernity into the house, while respecting its soul as the oldest Paris fashion house, a symbol of French elegance,” Lanvin’s chief executive officer Michèle Huiban told Business of Fashion, unknowingly describing this Lanvin resort 2017 collection too.

Just by looking at the proposals, a sense of modernity, fluidity, freshness and elegance takes the lead, catapulting us in a fairy tale where both the old and the new peacefully coexist as the main protagonists. The line-up features solid-colored, fluid haute couture-esque pieces, both androgynous and uber-feminine, as well as delicate pops of colors either in the form of romantic patterns or vibrant monochrome designs.

Lanvin Resort 2017 Collection

A goddess-like floor-length gown with jabot detailing alternates gently tailored mannish suits, while a princess trench coat is seen combined with a pair of somehow extremely elegant flat sandals. Button-down Oxford shirts, along with their textured fabrics, create a pleasing contrast with the sheer fluid fabrics of the dresses, transporting the collection to the Sixties, when the feminine ensembles were artfully interrupted by the very first mannish proposals.

A logo Jarrar found in Lanvin’s archives celebrates Jeanne Lanvin through the foulards and shirts, ultimately confirming Jarrar’s willingness to enhance and never underestimate the house’s legacy.

“Jeanne Lanvin always worked on the logo. It was a kind of tribute to her that I wanted to do,” she told Vogue, further explaining that the collection is not for her, but rather “for all women. I understand the power of clothes. It’s why I give a lot of attention to proportions; I like to optimize them. I want women to be beautiful, that’s my job.”

As for the Lanvin resort 2017 collection, chances are that it will be shown during the July couture shows in Paris. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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Gucci’s Cruise 2017 Show at Westminster Abbey


Alessandro Michele opted to show Gucci’s cruise 2017 collection in London in Westminster Abbey. Interestingly enough, this show was the first ever to be held in the Gothic church, with the stage itself being held basically within arm’s reach of the main church, which just so happens to be where greats like Aphra Behn, Geoffrey Chaucer, and Lewis Carroll are buried. The large church, to put into perspective, was the location for Queen Elizabeth II’s (and other monarchs’) crowning, the funeral of Princess Diana, and the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton; now Michele is having Gucci join those ranks – well, sort of.

Gucci's Cruise 2017 Show at Westminster Abbey

The setting of the Gucci resort 2017 show was actually in the church’s cloisters, which is a breath away from the main church, and featured animal-embroidered needlepoint cushions (think cats, snakes, and tigers) over the church pews, which made for a comfier experience for the rather large resort wear showing. Celebrities like Bel Powley and Elle Fanning were in attendance, with the mood being set by Schola Cantorum’s soundtrack playing “Scarborough Fair.” From there, the expansive collection was all set to hit the runway, featuring both womenswear and menswear.

Vogue caught up with Michele and asked about his choice of setting a cruise show in London, of all placed, to which he had a very enthusiastic response. Gesturing to the vaulted roof, he exclaimed, “To dive in this gothic sea of inspiration! The punk, the Victorian, the eccentric – with this inspiration, I can work all my life!”

He showed his intent to work with the inspiration by sending down a grand total of 94 looks down the runway, each with a plethora of embellishments and fine details relating to an inspiration source of youth culture in the Britain; some looks were more literal than others.

There was no real rhyme or reason to the collection; prints were different and diverse, and traditional cohesion went right out the door, with the only binding element being Michele’s clear design aesthetic, and the fact that all of the clothes were off the wall in some way, bringing in cohesion from the chaos. Starting the show off on a high, quirky note was a women’s cat ensemble. A striped sweater with a feline printed on it was paired with a yellow tartan skirt with another embellished cat right on the front. Paired with a more-than-generous amount of accessories, the “crazy cat lady” vibe has never been quite so chic and fun.

Gucci's Cruise 2017 Show at Westminster Abbey

Gucci's Cruise 2017 Show at Westminster Abbey

Inspiration sources seemed to span across many different eras, with traditional tartan, ’60s skirts, ’70s dresses, silk dresses that were abundant between the ’70s and ’90s – and that’s only to name a few. Within each style era present were many different styles for different people. It seems that Michele couldn’t stick with one idea, so he settled on all of them.

Regardless of the wonderfully chaotic presentation, all of the clothes were immaculate in the classic Gucci Italian style. Even amid the wild British inspirations present, Michele was able to stand out with his own touches, like animal embroideries, bombers characterized by their glitter, fabulous embroidered handbags, and all the way down to loafers studded with pearls.

Gucci's Cruise 2017 Show at Westminster Abbey

Gucci's Cruise 2017 Show at Westminster Abbey

The Gucci cruise 2017 show became a celebration of great moments in the fashion history: across the eras and for Michele himself. Even when the clothes were totally dated, like a ruffled pink Victorian period dress, he brought in elements to keep the whole ensemble relevant; in this case, it was a pair of cool cat shades, pinched black cuffs to the dress, and oversized rings. So even though many of his inspiration sources with clear reiterations aren’t exactly relevant in fashion today, he managed to pull them up as such for this presentation.

It is difficult to condense this show down to a brief synopsis, but for the most part, the clothes speak for themselves. Just by scrolling through the large number of menswear and womenswear options put on display you are told a story of the past and present of British fashion, and how it can translate around the world.

Gucci's Cruise 2017 Show at Westminster Abbey

Gucci's Cruise 2017 Show at Westminster Abbey

Gucci's Cruise 2017 Show at Westminster Abbey

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Primark Unveils Summer 2016 Beach Essentials


Are you planning to set your inner child free this summer? If you are looking for an affordable yet trendy array of must-have staples to fill your summer wardrobe with, pieces that could just personify your carefree spirit, the newest Primark summer 2016 collectionmight be just for you.

Primark Summer 2016 Beach Essentials

To our delight, Primark has recently unveiled its summer 2016 essentials, and they are all extremely cozy, fashionable and affordable indeed. Combining its skills of interpreting the hottest tendencies of the moment with a cool country-chic attitude, the retailer has made sure we have all the things we need to pack and go on holiday, looking stylish and cool from sunset so dawn.

The essentials include must-have staples to wear while sunbathing, fancy proposals to don while having fun at any pool party and even ethereal ensembles to show off while relaxing on a day out with friends. It’s a super-versatile and diverse collection indeed, and we can’t help falling in love with it over and over again!

Primark’s summer 2016 line-up features a colorful swimwear collection, comprising everything from sportybikinis to elegant one-pieces, as well as cover-ups to wear both at the beach during the warmest hours to protect our skins, and at night while chilling out nearby the bonfire. Besides the cover-ups the collection also includes denim staples, tunics and layered maxi dresses that will make this summer one of the most interesting, fashion-wise.

As for the swimwear line, Primark chose to focus on either skimpy bikinis with sporty lines, contrasting hems and botanical prints, or monochrome voluminous one-pieces with plunging V-necklines. The majority of the bikinis allow a fun ‘mixing and matching’ play to better create our perfect summer style.

Primark Summer 2016 Beach Essentials

Primark Summer 2016 Beach Essentials

In terms of cover-ups, Primark didn’t go for the basics, instead focusing on Seventies-inspired oversized tunics with beaded embroideries, off-the-shoulder tops to wear with shorts, relaxed pants and gowns, as well as long, sinuous frocks with dramatic side slits, which are literally go-to staples to wear from daytime till sunset.

The sheer white cover-ups with floral embroideries will surely appeal to those who like more romantic ensembles, while the hats, colorful statement necklaces and sandals will make the game of being ‘stylish at the beach’ easier this summer. If you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses, we specifically recommend having a look at Primark’s accessory department, as this collection literally features all the different summer 2016 sunglasses trends.

Primark’s summer 2016 range also includes Seventies-inspired ensembles and Nineties references that are having a big moment now. Besides the aforementioned tunics, the collection features cropped bell-bottom pants, layered floor-length dresses and structured jackets, which truly exude some strong country-chic vibes.

Then again, we can’t pass by the multi-colored stripped tops with American necklines indifferently, let alone the geometric t-shirt dresses that will make you feel nostalgic about the Nineties when combined with a summer hat and Primark’s chunky sandals.

Primark Summer 2016 Beach Essentials

Primark Summer 2016 Beach Essentials

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Summer 2016 Denim Skirts You’ll Absolutely Love


Denim skirts dropped off the grid in large popular fashion trends, but in recent years have made a roaring, yet surprising, comeback. Denim is just one of those fabrics that is so versatile and customizable that it’s always bound to stay in fashion in some shape or form. With all of the different styles of denim skirts alone, it may be a bit overwhelming when trying to explore the trend, but that’s one of the most exciting things about it. Here is a list of 20 fabulous denim skirts for summer 2016that are sure to lighten up your wardrobe.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

1. Appliqued Mini Denim Skirt

Marc Jacobs chose to decorate this mini skirt with crystal, sequin, and pearl embellished appliques in shapes of cars, Mickey Mouse, musical motifs, hearts, and more. This is a crafty way to execute a skirt, and makes for a more casual outcome. Get this skirt from Net-a-Porter!

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

2. Lace Button Down Denim Skirt

This is a sweet, girly option for a denim skirt, with an unlined, lightweight denim fabric supplementing that image. The Nasty Gal skirt is micro-mini, and with the lace appliques almost creating the image of pockets, it is completely cute and ready to wear with a pair of sandals and frilly top.

3. Edgy Lace Up Denim Skirt

One of the hottest 2016 denim skirts, this piece from Misguided has a gothic-esque lace up detail on the front, making for the perfect edgy addition to your closet. Keeping things simple by pairing it with solid colors will allow the detail to stand for itself, so this skirt really does all the work for you, by begging you to keep mixing and matching to a minimum.

4. American Flag Denim Skirt

If you’re looking for a patriotic, feminine piece for your wardrobe, who better to go to than Marc Jacobs, the king of American patriotism? This mini denim skirt, available on Net-a-Porter, has frayed ends and falsified wear and tear to give it an extra ounce of character to keep things interesting. This would be the perfect piece to wear to a summertime barbeque or for a trip out to a fair or festival.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

5. Arching Button Down Denim Skirt

This regal-styled mini denim skirt for summer 2016 arches around, looking rather elegant for the often casual denim skirt. Nasty Gal has managed to create a lovely silhouette with a corset-fashioned high waist with what might be regarded as the classic jean material In this case, and that feat is a remarkable one. Slightly counteracted by the pockets on the back, this brings a balance to the skirt, and also almost brings about the idea of making an elegant piece from a simple pair of jeans. Buy this piece here!

6. High Waisted Maxi Denim Skirt

As a break from the mini denim skirts for 2016 on this list, this maxi skirt from Topshop shows another side of the denim skirt trend. The split down the front and the asymmetrical seam up the middle bring an edge to what could be a matronly skirt. The whole top of the skirt resembles a pair of classic jeans, so this seems to be a way of modernizing them, as well as bringing in a cooler version of the denim maxi skirt.

7. Smooth Denim Skirt

This upscale version of a denim skirt almost appears too smooth to actually be denim. This is one of the more abstract renditions of the classic garment, as to the untrained eye it almost seems as though only a deep blue wrap skirt. Opening Ceremony’s skirt, available on Net-a-Porter, can be dressed up or down by the style of the shoes alone: you can try it with canvas shoes or some stylish flats.

8. Bleached, Woven, Frayed

Three styles tied back to the ’90s in one look; you would think this would seem too much like a throwback piece. However, there is just something about this REVOLVE denim skirt that works in the modern context. Button down the front and the pockets in this slim mini skirt, and pair it with your favorite casual footwear for a complete summer look.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

9. Button Down Pencil Skirt

One of the most elegant denim skirts for 2016, this piece allows for a bit of versatility to suit your mood and your personal style. The button down enclosures on the front can all be fastened, but it’s up to you to decide how many you feel like fixing up. You can button less for a high slit, or all of them for a more conservative look. Regardless of how you wish to style this look, you can buy it for yourself from ASOS.

10. Ripped Button Down Denim Skirt

This skirt is on the rougher side, making it so easy to become your new favorite edgy go-to skirt for summer 2016. Available from Storets, this button down mini almost looks like it has seen better days, but its best day will actually be when you toss it on with your other favorite statement pieces and rock it at a music festival this summer.

11. Two-Toned Asymmetrical Denim Skirt

A-line skirts are trending, as are denim mini skirts, so this style from BooHoo merges the two together, in an asymmetrically hemmed skirt, which all work together to create a ’60s mod feel. This look even falls on the cheaper side of the looks on this list, so it gets even better. But the most appealing, unique thing about this skirt is its two tones, contrasting against one another.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

12. Lace-Up Pleats

Pleating denim can go really well or really badly, and in this case pairing it with dual laces on the sides makes this skirt really great. Free People has created this look with light washed denim, and pulling up the high waist allows for great possibilities with tops. This is a more feminine, sweet variation of the trendiest 2016 denim skirts, and you can buy yours from REVOLVE.

13. Shoestring Lace-Up Denim Skirt

You’ll recognize this style of lacing from any of your favorite sneakers, which makes for an interesting addition to this midi denim skirt. Falling just below the knee and with a slight, center slit, this look may not be the most flattering for everyone, but if you’re one such woman who can pull of this length, you’ll be rocking it in this light and slightly old fashioned (in a good way!) skirt from Nordstrom.

14. Clean and Unraveled

This look has a clean slate for a front, which is rather unique, as many denim skirts like adding in details from jeans. The hemline here features unraveling fringe that roughens it up a bit, almost juxtaposing the sleekness of the detail-lacking front to the messy hem. You’ll find this interesting style at ASOS.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

15. A-Line Button Down Denim Skirt

This brings in the A-line fad, into the denim trend, all with an accompanying ’60s mod styling. The vintage washed denim makes it totally wearable, and easy to pair with some flats or canvas shoes for easy summer wearing. Denim skirts are always a little bit retro, but the truly spectacular looks come sometimes when the designer embraces it. Buy this look from Topshop.

16. Woven and Polished

You’ll find this look from REVOLVE to be a cleaned up sister to the eighth skirt in this list. Both in a lighter wash with the same silhouette, this skirt features none of the messy fraying of the other, but features the same cute pockets and mini-mod flair. You can also style this skirt casually, like with the other look, but there’s more room here to keep things polished.

17. Functional and Side Pleated

The styling of this skirt may at first glance remind you of a kilt, but in the denim fabric and with the frayed edges (at the top and bottom), things are brought in modern perspective. The functionality of this skirt comes with its more practical mini length and with its pockets, which might actually serve to work practically. You will find this skirt from Nordstrom.

Trendy Summer 2016 Denim Skirts

18. Smooth, Asymmetric Mini

Anthony Vaccarello has created an aesthetically interesting and visually appealing piece here, with smooth denim helping to create more flow with the fallen front hem. Buttons at the top add some embellishment without trivializing the piece, so you can still pair it with canvas shoes if you wish, or with wedges or other sandals for a girlier look. This modern, more elegant piece is one of the denim skirts with more options for styling. Buy this from Net-a-Porter.

19. Khaki A-Line Denim Skirt

Now, to pull away from denim in the traditional sense, this button down khaki skirt from River Island brings back another nearly forgotten trend. Still denim, though, this skirt is styled much as others in this list, with a frayed hem, slight A-line, and front pockets. Use this skirt as a supplement to a military look, or just as a stand-alone statement piece. The choice is yours.

20. Slim Pencil Denim Skirt

Last but not least, we have saved a very unique denim skirt for 2016. Its slim fit and pencil skirt silhouette along with a very high slit in the back and zipper from the high waist make this a stalemate between the more professional silhouette of a pencil skirt and the highly casual silhouette of a denim skirt. The raw tearing and color show this piece is not to be taken totally seriously, but you’re still able to dress it up with heels as if it could be. Try out this intriguing silhouette from REVOLVE.

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