Valentino Autumn Winter 2016 Ad Campaign



Valentino Autumn Winter 2016 Ad Campaign

The new Maison Valentino Autumn Winter 2016 Women’s Ad Campaign is bold, striking and full of inventive prints and patterns. Drifting towards an almost completely monochromatic, black and white theme for the new season, Valentino has played with checkerboard prints, stripes and block colours in various materials to create an eye catching, yet classy collection.

This Autumn Winter sees the introduction of their soft knits, following in the black and white colour scheme as well as black leather dresses and jackets, structured tailoring and more, marrying itself with a complete juxtaposition in the iconic Valentino colourful, embellished and noticeable dress and jacket collection.

Valentino has really made a statement with this collection, using feathered prints and ideas to create an almost birdlike feel on some of the pieces. They have a representation of a parrot and I think that’s really fun. Without a Valentino Rockstud heel in sight, this campaign is daring and bold, stepping away from the classics and moving into experimental grounds. What do you think of it? Shop the latest Valentino collection at Harrods by clicking here.


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Ermanno Scervino Goes Masculine Chic for Fall/Winter 2016-2017


It looks like the English have taken over Italy with the latest inErmanno Scervino collections, this time the fall/winter 2016-2017 ready-to-wear line-up that appeared on the prestigious Milan Fashion Weekrunway today. It was a fun combination of looks that we were presented with, in colorful arrays that also included the year’s color buttercup yellow, as well as lots of black, white, dove grey, crimson, shades of pink and more. We especially loved the ones that focused on either the black or the white, but it is hard to pull the eyes away from that sunshine dress that falls in a swish around the ankles, is semitransparent, high necked, long sleeved and belted at the waist for extra detailing, even if it does not cinch it on much. The black ankle strapped sandals underneath only complete the look, while the loose hair falling about the shoulders gives the wearer an image of youthful innocence.

Ermanno Scervino Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 RTW - Milan Fashion Week

There is also another outfit utilizing the color, though hidden under a sumptuous leopard print coat with yellow and black fur lapels to ward off the cold and keep the shoulders warmest. The yellow trousers worn underneath only add to the appeal, while the high platform velvet boots in black finish off the warm and stylish effect of the combination.

Fury hoods seem to be a thing these days, but they look even better when combined with pantsuits showing off the figure while still keeping you looking particularly chic. Coatdresses also come into play in tweed, worn with a high neck sweater underneath and black tights, high platform heels and hair left loose in natural curls. The added fringe at the ends makes the look more like a dress, as opposed to a really warm jacket or blazer.

There are some pretty awesome dresses included in the Ermanno Scervino fall 2016 collection as well, including the so not for winter piece in chain mail design and glittering gold, thin spaghetti straps barely holding it up and the midi skirts shaping to the body with ease. Another similar dress also includes a brown belt and jacket on top though, ensuring that it is indeed made for the fall months, even if one would never survive winter in that.

Along with the rest, possibly our favorite dress is the lacy piece that reminds us of the 1800s and includes a high Victorian neckline, long sleeves, lacy pockets to put your hands in, pretty seams throughout, and the perfect cut to the hem that is just above the knees. It elongates the body, adds a demure nature to the woman wearing it and looks positively divine. It is certainly a stark contrast to the perfect black pantsuit with the cropped ankles and black sheer blouse underneath consisting of a Victorian collar.

When all is said and done, we love the furry additions to coats and hoods, while the semifinal look that includes the pink hair means that we shall be seeing a comeback in the crazy hair dyes.

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Jil Sander Fall 2016 RTW Collection Delivers Minimalist Designs


It was all about the professional here. Truth be told, we expected much better from the Jil Sander fall/winter 2016-2017 ready-to-wear collection that was released onto the Milan Fashion Week runway this afternoon, the cuts not really inspiring us, though some of the pieces were pretty lovely to behold. There are 41 outfits to the line-up, all falling below the knees in hems, some with slits up one leg, others with asymmetrical shoulder arrangements. We see a lot of black and a lot of white, a lot of cream and some lighter shades of grey. We even see a tinge of gold here and there, but too little to really take notice.

Jil Sander Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 RTW - Milan Fashion Week

And while most of the shoes worn are the same style of pumps, specifically high throat pointy pieces in glossy leathers and subtle metallic with toe capping and stacked heels involved, we also notice the existence of knee-length boots that are pretty far from the sexy side. Actually, if we had to vote, we would definitely rank the collection by Jil Sandler as one of the least sexy to come up onto the catwalk.

There are some really nice dresses though, even if one in particular just makes the chest look all the bigger and the arms like the lady wearing it has been lifting weights for a while now. From the footwear to the outerwear, what we see is simplicity and covered-up contorted minimalism.

Jil Sander is in of itself a German luxury fashion house, which is probably why the looks have a post-Soviet style to them. It is an East Meets West conundrum here and that is what makes the line-up so very special, even if we are wondering about the market acceptance of the looks.

We are positive that pieces like the high-neck white midi dress that fits like a glove or the shimmering silver piece with the looser top and tight pencil skirt in a monotonous manner and pretty full coverage will certainly be attracting all the right customers. We are not so sure about the looser creations, including the black bag of a dress with plunging neckline and tulle covering beyond the mini level.

Plunging necklines definitely seem to be a top choice of chest opening, though the equally high necklines give a very sweet look to the collection as a whole. It overall looks like it was meant for an older populace with a preference for covering up, despite the few that can do everywhere from age 25 and onwards. Millennials might not be the target audience here anyhow as we have a large aging population very much in love with fashion still.

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Best Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week


We are living one of the two most important time periods in 2016 – thefashion week season. We expect that you’ve already piled up the top trends for fall 2016 at the New York Fashion Week in your mind drawers, because next stop is London! This European fashion capital has always been a hub for the most controversial and extravagant shows and collections. You can expect anything in this rainy city at this time of the year. To save your time, we’ve compiled the list of the best fall 2016 fashion trends the past London Fashion Week has taught us.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week

#1. Let the Garden Party Start!

You’re in London! What are you doing wearing those jeans and sweaters? Now go get your best tea outfit on because the garden parties are trendy again. Some of the dresses presented by OSMAN, Mother of Pearl and evenChristopher Kane were suspiciously cute and floral. Considering that messy prints and stripes were rocking the runways across the ocean, such a floral cocktail was an absolute must to report.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Floral Prints

#2. Russian Doll Scarves

We had warned you, London will blow your mind away! Have you ever left for lunch wearing a Russian doll scarf over your head, maybe hiding a bad hair day? No? Well, fall 2016 is just the right time to try.

Mary Katrantzou and Christopher Kane both came up with the idea. While Katrantzou sticked to the floral trend, nothing stopped Kane from going really… really… traditional head scarf-wise. Maybe it’s just the scarves taking over the rain market and throwing umbrellas out of the game. Anything is possible at London Fashion Week!

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Headscarves

#3. Ruffle Dance Continues

The ruffle trend started during the New York Fashion Week, with top labels like Marc Jacobs and Marchesa playing around with small ruffle details or even full ruffle gowns, teasing the new fashion direction of going more plain and gender-neutral (how about admitting ruffles into this zone?). The trend continued during the London Fashion Week, where one of the most dramatic collections presented by Alexander McQueen was all about ruffles.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Ruffles

#4. Portraits Instead of Prints

London took prints to the next level! We’ve all seen various prints being in the center of attention at NYFW, and that is already a good enough reason to expect London comeback with something fresh. Ditch the prints, go with portraits… paintings… anything more artistic than stripes.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Face Prints

#5. Rounded Shoulders

Here’s a friendly tip; if you notice a trend repeating in at least two fashion capitals, don’t even waste your time on thinking, your friendswill be wearing them in a few months. You have only two options: wait and torture yourself trying to find one piece of clothing that you haven’t seen in the streets 10 times yet, or get your stocks filled up beforehand, so you can be one of the early birds. We’d suggest you do the latter.

Rounded shoulders were a thing at NYFW, then they popped up during the London shows, including those of Peter Pilotto, Simone Rocha, Erdem, and more. No more sharp shoulders, make the silhouette soft and smooth, and if you want some attention around your shoulder area (which was also a big New York trend last week), go with the off-the-shoulder look or just applique.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Rounded Shoulders

#6. The Multi-Slit

You don’t need any special occasion to show off some leg art, do you? Many collections at LFW FW 16 introduced the multi-slit skirts and dresses, just for your artistic needs. One of our favorite fashion trends for fall 2016 so far, the multi-slit looked very elegant whether it was on the top of another, more flowy skirt or exposed legs entirely.

This trend looked particularly astounding in the movement and as the nearest weatherman to your location would probably guarantee some wind this fall, the drama in the streets is so ON!

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Multiple Slits

#7. Collars Stole the Show

Whether you let the New York fashion trends lead your shopping strategy for 2016, or the London alternative to shape your fashion taste, there will always be hard choices to make. Would you rather have your shoulders leading the tango or the collar? It’s between New York and London. You can pick both options obviously, unless Paris offers us a new perspective into constructing balanced looks.

Oversized, multi-colored, accentuated collars were a big fashion trend for fall 2016 at the London Fashion Week. Some of the giants likeBurberry, Erdem, Holly Fulton, Christopher Kane, and Osman had lace, fur, big shapes and anything else that will draw your eyes to the neck.

We believe this would be extremely popular with coats and jackets, as fur collars were one of the most often occurrences. As a final note, it would be fair to mention that shoulder-designs were also popular in some of the best London shows like David Koma, Alexander McQueen and Peter Pilotto, but the collar trend was a newer addition to the list.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Statement Collars

#8. Pastel Romance

Let’s start with a contrast again! We’ve reported earlier that NYFW set some of the hottest fall 2016 trends for bold and vibrant colors. EvenPantone made the news with its top trendy color – red. But London brought back the pale femininity in delicate and pale gowns. Some of the best samples were seen in Roksanda’s and Xiao Li’s fall 2016 collections.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Pastel Colors

#9. More Flirt Around the Neck

As if the wide range of collars was not enough, London was also big on pussy-bow blouses and dresses. Thin, long, silky… you pick the shape that suits you the most. Labels like Temperley London, Erdem, Peter Jensen, Mother of Pearls and others have left us some room to make our own interpretations.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Pussycat Neckline

#10. Eccentric is Always a Trend in London

One final and a permanent fashion trend when it comes to London Fashion Week – stay eccentric. Collections by Joseph, Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou, and of course, the king of eccentricity Alexander McQueen all had garments that not only rose eyebrows but also made our minds overload. Flowers over ribbons… or ribbons over flowers… a full knitted suit… there are no limits to design, go and create yourself!

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Eccentric Fashion

Let’s admit it; the fall 2016 fashion trends in London were much more interesting than the ones we saw in New York. Breathing diversity, bold designs and experiments, this city is finished giving the last of its fashion grandeur to us. Milan, we are ready for you!

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Introducing Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016-17 Fashion Show featuring ‘Kinetic Energy’; total contemporary allure with ultra-modern strength.

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Runway Fashion Show

On the Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Runway, constructivist patchworks and fast-paced mix of colour, deluxe boiler suits, Bauhaus-inspired coats. Speaking out loud with the zeitgeist, the new collection’s vibe breaks all the rules with the presence of sequins, as smooth as wet varnish.

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 001

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 002

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 003

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 004

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 005

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 006

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 007

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 008

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 009

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 010

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 011

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 012

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 013

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 014

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 015

Max Mara Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show Look 016

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Johnny Coca Debuts Mulberry Fall 2016 RTW Collection at LFW


Johnny Coca finally brought Mulberry back to the runway with his debut Mulberry fall/winter 2016-17 ready-to-wear collection, unveiled at London Fashion Week. An incredible number of Mulberry followers (and not only) hope Johnny Coca is going to be the man that will finally make Mulberry shine again, after some turbulent years that resulted in almost disastrous collections and decreasing sales. Coca, also known as the mind behind the iconic Celine Trapeze Bag (before taking the helm at Mulberry he worked as Céline’s accessory designer), knew that everyone was in anticipation of seeing a winning collection finally and did meet all the expectations.

Mulberry Fall/Winter 2016-2017 RTW - London Fashion Week

Spanish-born Coca focused on the everyday busy woman, drawing inspirations from what he sees on the streets. At the same time, he did not want to eradicate Mulberry’s British true essence, making sure the label’s heritage was not going AWOL. That said, the Mulberry fall 2016 RTW collection gracefully combines wearable pieces with eccentric accessories, chic materials and colors, adding the more contemporary and cosmopolitan touch Mulberry needed.

“It’s very important to be very specific and unique and keep a very strong character and eccentricity,” explained Coca backstage, adding that he deeply wanted to “create something very strong, very honest, very British.” And to create a full-loaded British collection he opted for royal, punk-rock, heroin-chic and Britain’s traditional influences, easily to be found in the jabot collars, layered ruches and pleated skirts.

The collection’s contemporary twist is exceptionally vivid throughout the color palette used and the great variety of materials, which even match fishnet attachments to silky pieces and transparent lace fabrics to glittery motifs. As for the colors, although being predominantly dark-toned, the lineup also showcases some bright proposals, featuring vivid shades from fire red to bold yellow (namely two of next fall’s most wanted hues). These two colors, along with orange and shocking blue, not only embellish most of the collection’s pieces, but also serve as accent hues for total-black outfits.

Being a great accessory designer, Coca also used a similar color palette to embellish most of the lace-up shoes, bags and floral adornments, clearly adding a punk-rock tone to the entire collection. To accentuate this aspect he also employed a lot of fishnet detailing, as if he was trying to evoke a sort of ‘good girl gone bad’ kind of attitude. He did not, of course, stop there, as he skillfully added ‘master of color-blocking motifs’ to his CV thanks to some well-served yellow and purple outfits (which I am personally hopelessly in love with).

Creeper-looking pointy-toe shoes, military jackets and leather essentials help the collection’s girl-power vibes grow in style, becoming even stronger when combined with furry waistcoats and see-through lace mini dresses. Plunging v-necklines and hourglass silhouettes create an intriguing contrast with the oversized bomber jackets and mannish trousers, strengthening the whole ‘street-style meets British-style’ concept.

Metal detailing and soft organza skirts also took advantage of such a contrast, confirming once again Coca’s tailoring skills and attention to details. He might have come into the spotlight due to his famed it-bags, but Coca definitely is a 360° artist. Regarding this, he concluded backstage: “You can’t just focus on one bag. It’s more like what you have on the street. It’s important to have a wide range of proportion and function.” And I couldn’t agree more!

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