The Chanel Gabrielle Bag is Now On Bergdorf Goodman’s Website, but There’s a Catch

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Looking for a stylish roomy tote that can hold all your things without sacrificing comfort and ease? Well well, fret not for this Limited Edition Longchamp Roseau 1948 Bag might be what you’re looking for.

A classic favorite with its sleek and no-frills design and wide opening, this bag is certainly a loyal companion to bring around for it can hold all your essentials and your not so important things.

This Longchamp Roseau 1948 Bag pays tribute to its classic Roseau Bag – the line’s models bear Longchamp racehorse signature within leather oval. Embellished with a bamboo-inspired closure, this signature version is adorned with traditional symbols like the horsesoe, tobacco pipes and the year of the brand was created. The Jacquard Canvas tells the Longchamp story.

Measuring 15” x 11” x 4 3/4” inches and is priced $395 USD, €280 euro, £235 GBP, ¥49680 JPY via Longchamp boutiques.


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The Boy Bag is nice, leather is great as well, but how about Velvet? Since the first introduction of the Pre-Fall Winter 2015 Collection, the Boy Chanel Velvet Bag has returned again and again as an alternative to the leather edition. For the Velvet, there are pros and cons of course. But at the end, it’s personal choice as well.

Exuding class, elegance and sophistication in one, the bag is in velvet, but it doesn’t stop it from getting the diamond-quilted pattern. This bag is as pretty as the leather edition and it features the same elements as well like the Boy Clasp, the shape and the Boyish chain.

Now Velvet is described to be a tufted fabric, which has a distinguishing feel once you run your fingers through it. Though this kind of fabric is hard to maintain, the good news on the other hand is that it offers a super soft tactile feel, which could tickle your luxury fancies!

The downside is the maintenance, if this is your first Chanel, then you might want to pick the leather edition. Velvet is harder to maintain and you need to baby it more often.

However, Velvet feels extremely soft and luxurious. It gives you different experience than the other materials. At the end, this is a personal choice. But if the Velvet Boy Bag is presented to you one day, will you give it a chance?


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Coach x Rodarte Capsule Collection

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You must be wondering, what’s there to collaborate between two American brands? Well, for one, the Mulleavy sisters and Stuart Vevers share a similar punk-rock aesthetic and the love for all things sequins and embellishments. Coming together to work on something that amplifies the creative vision of both labels is perhaps as good as it gets when it comes to the Coach x Rodarte collaboration collection.


Rodarte, who has always specialised in their edgy RTW, have teamed up with Coach and its expertise in leather, making it one of the most interesting collections that’s made up of RTW, handbags and accessories so far this year. Take, for example, the standout shoulder sling bags that effortlessly combine Rodarte’s signature appliqué styles with Coach’s leather craftsmanship; it’s like a match made in heaven.


Then there are also the sweatshirts and tees that feature Coach’s advertisements from the 70s with slogans like This Is A Coach Bag that’s definitely fun and a little quirky, perfect for those with an ample sense of humour. The collection evens extends to more elaborate pieces like leather dresses and motorcycle jackets, which start from an affordable USD295 all the way to USD1900 for the one-off limited edition collection.

Now that we’re all excited, here’s the bad news. The collection will not be available in Singapore, but will be available online via Coach US come 14 April 2017. In other words, it’s time to ask anyone you know who’s located in the States to help you out, or better yet (and not owe anyone favours), just use a good forwarder that you can ship to in the US before the parcel is shipped onward to our sunny shores. Too much effort? Not really, especially when it is a collaboration this beautiful.

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3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Bag

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