Just Can’t Get Enough: Gigi Hadid and Her Versace Palazzo Empire Bag

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Saint Laurent Small Monogram Saint Laurent Downtown Cabas

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First, let’s just get the awkwardness out. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I know you know what I think this bag, the Small Monogram Saint Laurent Downtown Cabas, looks like as well. Measuring almost 43 cm across at its widest point (and by widest point I do mean that pair of wings), it stands at around 22 cm in height, a new take on the Saint Laurent Cabas (sans the protruding sides) that already exists in stores currently.

Wear it via its shoulder sling, or hand-held, I can see why this would work, especially for those who can’t deal with the original’s (yes, that one that also comes with ‘wings’) front flap and clasp that some of you have trouble getting into, especially when one is in a hurry.


It would also work for those who love YSL’s signature buckle, a roomy interior and of course, the zip closure that runs across the top of the bag. Available in a vast variety of leathers, from suede to embossed leathers and the like, it’s also available in stores now so there’s really no harm heading down to either ION Orchard or Marina Bay Sands for a quick look.

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Bottega Veneta Flocked Velvet Bouquet Pattern From Spring 2016

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Bottega Veneta introduces a new pattern for their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. The signature intrecciato leather comes with a raised velvet bouquet detail. The pattern is featured in white intrecciato bags, while the tiny velvet flowers are seen in black and grey. This dainty and feminine pattern is available in Olimpia, Duffel and Clutch bags.

Style & Price



Bottega Veneta Flocked Velvet Bouquet Pattern Duffel Bag $2,800.00 (USD)
Bottega Veneta Flocked Velvet Bouquet Pattern Olimpia Bag $3,400.00 (USD)
Bottega Veneta Flocked Velvet Bouquet Pattern Clutch Bag $1,900.00 (USD)


Bottega Veneta White Flocked Velvet Bouquet Pattern Duffel Bag

Bottega Veneta White Flocked Velvet Bouquet Pattern Olimpia Bag

Bottega Veneta White Flocked Velvet Bouquet Pattern Clutch Bag

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First Comes Bags, Then Comes Baby: Baby Girl is On the Way!!

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YES, you read that correctly! After 11 years of PurseBlog, eight years of marriage, multiple moves, major personal and professional milestones, countless bags purchased and even more bags discussed, Vlad and I are so happy to announce that we will be welcoming a baby girl come late November!

I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was young, and right when Vlad and I got married, I was ready to have kids at that moment. But soon after we were married, we decided to move to NYC, and with my personality and the craze of the city, I knew I needed to be somewhere a little more zen to begin motherhood. (Plus, I’m lucky to have the option to work from anywhere, so I wanted to wait for the right moment.) This past fall, I was about to share a very different personal post with you about the journey of trying to get pregnant, which wasn’t the easiest for us. But, just as I started to write that post, I discovered I was pregnant! I’ve always been very open with our readers and plan on sharing more on that journey soon, because I do believe we can help one another through speaking openly. First, though, I wanted to start with the big reveal!

I can’t even put into words how excited I am to be the mom of this little girl growing inside of me! I’ve experienced all-day morning sickness for the first trimester and have been feeling her movements and little kicks the past few weeks, and I looked at the calendar and realized I had just passed the 22-week mark. I always assumed Vlad would want a son, but I can tell you he has been so thrilled at the fact that we’re having a daughter; watching him gush over me and my growing belly is the sweetest.

Baby Girl (2)

Also, I have to share the story of this little bag, because it’s absolutely hilarious and absurd.

When Vlad and I were talking marriage and already running, I knew I wanted a family and hoped for a little girl to share my bags with. I had spotted a member on PurseForum who had a photo of her daughter with a Louis Vuitton Mini Sac HL Bag, and I knew I wanted one for my future daughter.

Fast forward a few years, and I heard rumors that this bag was going to be discontinued. We were in a Louis Vuitton boutique at the time, and the store had one of the last ones in stock for the company. I wasn’t pregnant and wasn’t trying to be pregnant, but I had to have this bag.

Vlad thought I was insane, and to be honest, I really kind of was. I’ve had this bag in its box in my closet for years, and it just so happens our first child is a little girl–an appropriately ending for this bag, and beginning for us.

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you all throughout this next phase of our lives, and I’m sure it will change my handbag purchases as well what I carry inside my bags and beyond. Here’s to hoping she loves handbags–my collection would be great for playing dress-up. Either way, I’m so happy to know that our lives are going to be much more exhausting and much different, with one more little person come November!

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90s Chanel Jewelry

Grab your body glitter, your mood rings and your scrunchies: the 90’s are coming! Here are some of our favorite 90s  Chanel accessories. And don’t forget to check out our The 90s Trends You’ll Need Chanel Curation!

1. Chokers

Chanel Chokers available on PORTERO.com
From Top to Bottom: Vintage Chanel Pearl and Camellia Flower Choker. Vintage Chanel Gold Choker and Bracelet Set. Vintage Leather and Medallion Coin Chanel Choker.


Chokers are the quintessential 90s jewelry. Leave the plastic tattoo ones for the young girls; sophisticated women wear Chanel. Whether you’re looking for iconic Chanel pearls with an iconic 90’s motif, like a flower, or looking for something more dramatic, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love in our Chanel jewelry category.

2. Clear Handbags

Clear Chanel Flap Bags available on PORTERO.com

Vintage Gold Naked Jumbo Classic Flap Bag. Chanel Clear Vinyl Classic Flap Bag.


There are so many pros to owning one of these vintage Chanel Flap Bags: their jumbo size make them extra roomy, they go very well from day to night, they can be worn with jeans and sneakers or an LBD, but mostly, they’re a great excuse to purchase pretty pouches a fun phone case to put inside.

3. Cuffs

Vintage Chanel Cuffs available on PORTERO.com

Vintage Chanel Logo Cuff. Vintage Chanel 31 Rue Cambon Cuff


All the cool kids in school were wearing cuffs to show off their rebellious side. Elevate this 90s punk look with gorgeous chunky gold tone Chanel cuffs. The top one is a definite collector’s item in dark brown, rich thick plastic and gold plating, and the bottom cuff is a runway piece, meaning very few were made, making that much more special.

4. Hoop Earrings

Chanel Hoop Earrings available on PORTERO.com
Clockwise from top left: Vintage Chanel Sunburst CC Hoop Earrings. Vintage Chanel Paris Hoop Earrings. Vintage Black Chanel Hoop Earrings. Large Vintage Chanel CC Earrings.


Another staple of the 90s were the hoop earrings, preferably in bold gold tones. If you’re looking for a statementearrings, Chanel hoops are as eye-catching as they come.

5. Fanny Packs

Chanel Fanny Packs available on PORTERO.com

Vintage Chanel Chain Belt with Micro Classic Flap Bag. Vintage Lime Green Chanel Fanny Pack.


Do you remember the days before cell phones? When all you had to carry was your lipstick and some cash? If you’re looking for hands-free ease (something Chanel is quite known for) a fanny pack is the perfect choice for you. Both of the pieces above are rare finds from Chez Coco!

6. Barrettes

Chanel Barrettes available on PORTERO.com

Chanel Black Leather and CC Logo Barrette Hair Clip. Chanel Gold Plated Barrette

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The Bag and Shoe Combos of Pre-Fall 2016 That are Worth the Splurge

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