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“Though she be but little, she is fierce”. This quote from Shakespeare is so apt and appropriate for the Micro Nightingale bag which is the smallest/tiniest size available for this particular holy grail/ it bag from Givenchy.

Trendy, up-to-date but with utility in mind, the Nightingale bag gained its worldwide phenomenon when it was introduced in late 2006 and since then, it has been a style staple among Hollywood celebrities and bag lovers out there.

Over the years, we’ve seen the Nightingale bag made in several sizes, colors and materials and this time around, it comes in the tiniest size you could ever imagine! For the Micro Nightingale, it comes in four different colors that you can choose from: light blue, black, old pink and oxblood.

The bag is made up of calfskin leather with canvas lining and silver-tone hardware, has adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, dual zip closure and an interior pocket and zip pocket.

It measures 11′ x 6.5′ x 3′ (W x H x D) inches, priced at $1790 USD via Elyse Walker.








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A closer look at Chopard’s Red and Green Carpet high jewelry collections

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Chopard’s Red and Green Carpet high jewelry (2)

Chopard’s Red and Green Carpet high jewelry (3)
Brilliant diamonds shine alongside yellow and yellow-orange sapphires, emeralds, rubies, kunzites and amethysts in the collection. Look out for layered necklaces, shimmering earrings, and elaborate cocktail rings featuring classic and modern motifs like paisley, flowers and peacocks.
Chopard’s Red and Green Carpet high jewelry (1)
Chopard has also cemented their commitment to sustainability with their Green Carpet Haute Joaillerie line created in partnership with Gemfields. Gemfields brings colored stones to the Green Carpet line most notably Zambian Emeralds that are fully traceable and validated by Eco Age.
Chopard’s Red and Green Carpet high jewelry (4)
Colorless diamonds are not to be overshadowed, they create a fiery spectacle in a lacy necklace that looks like it’s made up of snowflakes!

Many of these beautiful pieces have already been sported on the Cannes red carpet by celebrities like Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts and Victoria Beckham. To own your very own piece of magical Red or Green Carpet jewelry, you can check out Chopard’s website or visit one of their boutiques.

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As we might all know, the results of the Brexit Referendum is devastating for some people. There are worries that free movement of people and trade will be limited when United Kingdom is out of the EU. But we can never predict what will happen to the future.

However, what we can ask ourselves is: ‘What Will Happen With The Designer Bag Prices After Brexit?’. Here’s what we can conclude:

You see, when you’re an UK citizen, you cannot apply for tax-refund, that’s because the UK is part of the European Union. But what will happen after the UK leaves the EU? Does it mean that UK citizen can purchase Designer bags like Chanel and Hermes in Paris, and can apply for tax-refund? Probably, but we do not know what the regulation will be after Brexit. We will keep you informed at our site.

When you’re a tourist, there is an obstacle if you want to apply for tax-refund. Today the rule is that you can apply for tax-refund at your last stop within the EU. For example, if you travel from Rome, Paris to London, then your last stop is London. And so if you purchase a bag in Rome and another one in Paris, you can apply tax-refund for both bags in London, because London is your last stop.

But what will happen when the UK leaves the EU? That means that Paris is your last stop within the European Union and not the UK. That could mean that you need to apply tax-refund in Paris for all the goods you buy in the EU and not in the UK.

UK leaving the EU could be a bit complicated for tourist, but for a UK citizen that can enjoy the tax-refund, it might be a good thing.

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Everything You Need To Know About This Bag

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Very few luxury brands today can claim to have been founded even before the country they originated in claimed independence, and Belgian-based Delvaux is one of these rare few. Founded one year before the Belgians declared their independence from the Netherlands, it was established in 1829 by Charles Delvaux in Brussels.

While they might have a boutique right here in Singapore today that’s located on the ground level of Scotts Square, my fascination with the brand started way before that,with my very first post on the brand appearing on this blog in 2010, with both house icons the Brillant and the Tempête being firm favourites of mine.

And because I’ve never done actually done a full post on any on these bags complete with enough information to help you all make an informed decision, here’s my everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-Brillant post, which I hope will also kickstart a new series for the bags that I love the most.

Her Majesty Queen Paola, the former queen of Belgium, visiting the Delvaux atelier in the 1980s. See the bag on the table? That’s probably the Brillant.


Created in 1958 to commemorate Brussels’ hosting of the World Expo, Delvaux worked closely with Paule Goethals, a renowned architect, on the Brillant, which would also explain its clean, graphic lines.


The horseshoe-shaped buckle? That’s just Delvaux’s signature D turned anti-clockwise on a bag that’s made up of 64 individual pieces of leather, still handcrafted by artisans based in both Brussels and Paris, who take about 8 hours on average to complete each piece.

Available in at least 7 different sizes today, the Brillant is also Delvaux’s most high-profile bag, with widths starting from just 8.5 cm (the Brillant Charms, which is more a bag charm/key ring than anything else) to the ‘giant’ of the family, the Brilliant Black Edition that spans 36 cm across by 35 cm in height. In between them you’ll find the sizes more suited for everyday use, the Mini (20 cm by 16 cm), the MM (29 cm by 21.5 cm) and the GM (36 cm by 27.5 cm), with most styles offered with an additional shoulder sling as well, which gives you another option of carrying this bag.

There are also the ‘vertically-challenged’ versions, more wide than tall, and known as the East-West that come in 2 sizes, an East-West Mini Brilliant (28.5 cm by 16 cm) and a regular East-West Brillant (37.5 cm by 19 cm). 


Once you’ve decided on the size, you’ll have to contend with the leathers it comes in, from the box calf to Sellier leathers and exotics that frankly, will please even more the most difficult of patrons. From alligator to lizard and even ostrich exotics, you can even have bags custom made that come in a combination of exotic skins, as long as your heart desires.

Priced from a few hundred for the Brillant Charms to a few thousand for the Brillant Mini, you could just head down to their boutique at Scotts Square for an up-close look at the almost 60-year-old bag that still looks as good (and as relevant today) as it was when it was first created 58 years ago.

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The Fendi Dotcom Bag is back on the block but this time with more edge, sophistication and style. You might think it quite looks similar and resemble the original version but look again as this one comes with the ruffled details in front.

This Fendi Dotcom Ruffle Bag sure looks like the bag to beat. Stylish, funky and modern, this bag still has the same front hole for attaching included pouch but the ruffle detail on the front panel made all the difference.

It has a single leather top handle perfect for carrying it by the hand and a detachable leather shoulder strap if you feel like wearing it over your shoulder. The top zip closure on the other hand gives you easy access.

It’s kind of brilliant – the front hole is made for attaching a pouch bag, which is included in the interior. There is also a front zip pocket and two internal patch pockets inside. And obvious, the bag is big enough to carry all your daily essentials.

It measures 24 x 30 x 14 (H x W x D) cm and is priced $3150 USD or €2400 euro via Luisa via Roma.









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Porsche and Chopard honor Le Mans with limited edition time pieces

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The bezel is studded with eight blackened screws while the crown is fashioned to resemble a steering wheel. The dial is flanked by two distinctly red rubber pushers. The car analogy is taken further in the case middle, which is made to resemble the cooling fins in the car’s engine.
The watch is powered by a Chopard Caliber 03.05M. Other important features include a 60-minute power reserve and a flyback function. The mechanical self-winding chronograph movement has been COSC certified. The very rare blend of endurance racing and time-telling will retail for about $14,370.

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