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Photo: Pexels

There is perhaps nothing more glamorous than a night out at a fancy casino. Whether you plan on going for the gambling excitement or just to enjoy all of the different amenities, you can almost be assured that you will have a thrilling evening. The great thing about the modern age is how many of these casinos have sprung up all over the world. In North America, for example, you used to have to be very near a location like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or else spend a lot of money on travel, to enjoy the casino experience. Laws that have allowed for the proliferation of these casinos means that most people in North America are a relatively close drive away from the one nearest to them.

Now that just about everybody has an opportunity to enjoy all the fun that a casino can bring, the question becomes how exactly should you dress for the evening. In the 50’s and 60’s, the most famous casinos demanded a kind of old-school respect, which meant that people had to be dressed in their finest to enjoy a night out at a casino, almost as if they were going to a black-tie occasion. Those rules have slackened, however, meaning that there are very few attire regulations, other than obvious ones, governing casinos. That said, most people would like to look fashionable in such a hot spot, which is why it’s a good idea to have some pointers so you can dress the part at the casino.

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

Gambling from the comfort of your home

Some people don’t want to have to worry about that, preferring instead to do their gambling from the comfort of their own home; if you’re one of those people, you need to know where to find the best online slots casinos on the internet. If you are heading out to the casino tonight though, here are a few things to consider.

Know Your Plans

Most casinos offer much more than gambling to their patrons. You can find entertainment, food, and shopping amenities at the best casinos. As a result, you should decide first what kind of evening you’ll be spending at the casino before deciding on your outfit. A person who just wants to hang out at a slot machine will have a different requirement of their clothes compared to someone going to a trendy dance club.

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

Comfort Level

Again, this comes down to your plans. But if you are going to be spending a lot of time at the casino on a given night, you should make some concession to being comfortable. There are ways you can dress up for the night without overdoing it to the point that you’re dying in a tight dress or stuffy collar all night long.

Know the Rules

While most casinos don’t have a dress code per se, the establishments within the casino might. For example, a fancy steakhouse in a casino might require formal wear of some kind. Don’t ruin your evening by not doing your homework about such information ahead of time.

Keep these little hints in mind when you’re dressing for your night at the casino. Remember that it never hurts to look great while you’re winning big.

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So you’ve already met the Chanel CC Filligree Vanity Case Bag, the bigger version. And you’ve waited for a very long time for a smaller version, but it didn’t come. Well, we’ve some splendid news to share with you. Please meet the Chanel CC Filligree Vanity Clutch With Chain from the Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 2. It’s a brand-new bag – comparable to the WOC but a complete different version. You will absolutely love it.

The Design

It’s the exact same CC Filligree Vanity Case Bag, but then downsized into a small handbag. This bag is perfect for the casual days, perfect for the evenings, perfect for any special occasions. Put it next to your bed and I promise you – it’s better than swallowing sleeping pills.

The CC Filligree Vanity Clutch With Chain is missing one vital piece though. It would be great if they’ve added the CC logo with luggage tag as well as the key tag. The center of this bag is crafted with the house’s signature in leather and refined with gold hardware. And also, the CC logo looks much larger on the downsized version than on the bigger version. What’s more? There is no handle, but it does come with a long shoulder strap.

The Interior

The CC Filigree Vanity Clutch With Chain doesn’t have the same size like the Wallet On Chain Bag, so it cannot be called as a WOC. This bag is sized at 5.1’ x 6.7’ x 2.8’ inches while the Classic Quilted WOC is measured 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches. So the CC Filligree Clutch With Chain is bigger in length and more important, in depth.

The Prices And Sizes

Style code A84452, measuring 5.1’ x 6.7’ x 2.8’ inches, priced at $2550 USD, $3325 CAD, €2390 EUR, £2160 GBP, $4020 SGD, $21000 HKD, $3760 AUD, ¥12520 MYR via Chanel boutiques.

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Rising star Lexi Boling makes casual style look cool in the March 2018 issue of Vogue Japan. In front of the lens of Giampaolo Sgura, the American beauty poses in the wardrobe essential of denim to the absolute max. Fashion editor Anna Dello Russolayers blue jeans on denim from labels such as Diesel, 7 For All Mankind and MM6 Maison Margiela.

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Ramune Barcyte graces the pages of Vanity Fair Italy’s January 24th, 2018 issue. Lensed by Hong Jang Hyun, the leggy beauty poses in sporty ensembles with a glamorous twist. Stylist Alice Gentilucci selects statement pieces from brands such as Chanel, Miu Miu and Giorgio Armani. The curly haired model accessorizes with boxing gloves, soccer balls and tires.

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You can’t have missed the Chanel Coco Pleated Drawstring Bag as it was showcased multiple times on the Cruise 2018 Runway. There are also other types of the Coco Pleated Bag released; like the Coco Pleats Clutches. This drawstring bag is only available in this season and will be discontinued afterwards. It’s one of the Ancient Greek inspired handbags.

The Design


The crumpled calfskin leather on the Coco Pleated Drawstring Bag has been fully covered in the Coco Pleats Clutch review. The crumpled calfskin is kind-of the soft version of the crinkled aged calfskin on the Reissue 2.55 Bag. Both are crunch, but the crumpled calfskin is slightly less.

The pleated design is quite interesting because it maintains the leather flexible while creating an interest stripe-contrast. Also, the woven chain leather strap is attached to a round-ancient-greek-inspired eyelets, which is quite unique. The drawstring is also made with woven chain leather strap but it features the oversized, bold CC logo. And oh yes, it’s the same CC logo as on the Gabrielle Bag.

You can carry this back cross body, or cross body but then like a backpack on your shoulder. This bag is beautiful, unique and limited.

The Interior

Each of these drawstring bags is spacious. Depending on the size, you can load a lot of stuff inside. And the leather is flexible, so overstuffing is not recommended, but possible. It’s the ideal bag if you need to transport a lot of essentials.

The Prices And Sizes

Chanel Small Coco Pleats Drawstring Bag 
Style code: A91757
Size: 6.3 x 6.3 x 5.1 inches
Price: $3200 USD, €3150 euro, £2920 GBP, $5290 SGD, $27400 HKD, ¥419040 JPY,16650 MYR, $4375 CAD

Chanel Coco Pleats Drawstring Bag
Style code: A91759
Size: 9.8 x 9.4 x 6.3 inches
Price: $3800 USD, €3750 euro, £3480 GBP, $6300 SGD, $32700 HKD, ¥498960 JPY,19800 MYR, $5225 CAD

Chanel Small Coco Pleats Backpack
Style code: A57145
Size: 11.4 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches
Price: $5100 USD, €5150 euro, £4780 GBP, $8650 SGD, $44900 HKD, ¥684720 JPY,27200 MYR, $7175 CAD

Chanel Medium Coco Pleats Backpack
Style code: A57142
Size: 16.5 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches
Price: $5300 USD, €5350 euro, £4960 GBP, $8990 SGD, $46600 HKD, ¥711720 JPY,28260 MYR, $7450 CAD

Chanel Large Coco Pleats Backpac
Style code: A57146
Size: 18.9 x 9.4 x 9.4 inches
Price: $8200 USD, €8100 euro, £7510 GBP, $13610 SGD, $70600 HKD, ¥1077840 JPY,42780 MYR, $11250 CAD

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Doutzen Kroes heads to the Louisiana bayou for the pages of Vogue US‘ February 2018 issue. In front of the lens of Peter Lindbergh, the Dutch model joins her husband Sunnery James and kids for the fashion spread. Stylist Alex Harrington makes sure it is a stylish family affair complete with lightweight coats as well as dreamy dresses. Doutzen poses in designs from the likes of Celine, Dries Van Noten and Burberry.

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