New Balenciaga Spring Summer 2016 Runway Bag Collection

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After the Le Dix story, after the Balenciaga Cable Shopper Tote, Alexander Wang’s stories of feminine handbags continue. Highlighting a magnificent accessory presented in the Spring Summer 2015 Runway.

Many questions are still dazzling in my head – what’s the product name of this bag, the size, the colors, the materials and so on. Oh, and especially the prices of course.

This bag reminds be of something, it’s a combination of the trio pouches, which are quite famous nowadays and perhaps a bit inspired by the racketeer bag. You did not forget about the racketeer bag right? It’s a piece invented by Alexander Wang, some time ago.

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If you take a few minutes to look into the details of this new clutch bag, you can find all sorts of designs and structures that have been put together quite cleverly. The appearance is very sophisticated, made with a modernized frame and then combined with chain strap on the top to carry by hand. You can also carry the clutch from its bottom, then let the chain strap hanging like a jewelry.

This clutch bag is available in several colors like pink, black and even exotic brown python. However, I am very curious about its interior, I guess there are at least three compartments. And the space looks okay, it certainly can store all your daily essentials.

So what do you think?








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Balenciaga Croc Embossed Bags for Fall 2015

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Balenciaga introduces their own version of Croc Embossed pattern for theri Fall/Winter 2015 Collection. The brand’s iconic Classic City and Pouch Bags are made available in this pattern in a smooth and glossy lambskin leather. The City Bag’s edges are made of smooth leather which comes in black. It was also seen in the Cable Shopper Bag which is made of dyed calf hair.

Style & Price



Balenciaga Croc Embossed Patent Classic City Bag $2,155.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Croc Embossed Patent Classic Pouch Bag $715.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Croc Embossed Calf Hair Cable Shopper Bag $3,150.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Croc Embossed Calf Hair Cable Shopper Small Bag $2,675.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Croc Embossed Calf Hair Shoulder Bag $1,995.00 (USD)


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