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Prada Safiano (Lux) Leather
One of Prada’s most popular and historic leathers is none other than Prada Safiano Leather. This gorgeous leather is made specifically of Calf leather with a uniquely designed diagonal pattern. In fact, this diagonal design is so unique and specially made it has been patented by Prada. Made with heat-stamped synthetic grain, Prada Safiano Leather is incredibly durable and resistant to almost anything- including water- making it the go-to choice for everyday bags. Women love the elegant style of this particular leather, but they love its resistance even more. Simply stated, Prada Safiano Leather gets a 10 out of 10 and you should definitely consider it for you bag.



Prada Tessuto/Vela Leather
Created by Miuccia Prada herself, Prada Tessuto/Vela Leather is a very common, trendy, and ever-popular leather. It has been noted as “one of the thickest” and “most durable” leathers on the market. Ladies love this gorgeous leather and we can see why. Prada Tessuto/Vela Leather has a subtle shimmer that glistens in the sunlight, making for one very glorious and snazzy bag. It can withstand almost anything, including water damage and rough use. It won’t scratch easily and the best part it this particular leather can be cleaned with ease. If marks or scuffs do show up, simply wipe the bag down with a washcloth and it will dazzle like new. Another grand leather from Prada that also receives a 10 out of 10!



Prada Vitello (Lux) Leather
To put it plainly, Prada Vitello/Vitello Lux Leather is a gorgeous looking leather that oozes high class. It’s a smooth, dazzling leather that is slick and fair. Many women are drawn to its elegant appearance and love the design of the Calfskin. It’s a great choice for all handbags as it is fairly durable and strong, and will hold up well even after months of use. Its durability allows the Prada Vitello/Vitello Lux Leather handbags to hold their shape and not get scuffed too easily. As with any Prada bag, you should try to be as careful as possible as some larger scratches may need professional care.



Prada Vitello Daino Leather
Do you see the interesting texture and design of this leather? It’s not deerskin, as you might imagine. It’s actually calfskin that has been treated to give the leather the same feel and look as ever-popular deerskin. That being said, PRada Vitello Daino Leather isn’t as soft or easily broken as deerskin. It is certainly “tough as nails” and can withstand any weather mother nature may throw at it (so yes, heat and water won’t have much effect on this leather). It is incredibly strong and will maintain structure of any handbag it’s thrown on. Prada Vitello Daino Leather is simply a fascinating leather that is as strong as it is trendy and beautiful.



Prada Cervo Leather
Buttery smooth with a highly sophisticated appearance, Prada Cervo Leather is a wonderful choice for handbags. It has a sensationally soft texture that many are drawn to, while the beautifully textured exterior is swank and stylish. However, before you place this leather on your bag, there’s a few things you should know. Yes, Prada Cervo Leather is fairly durable, but it will require some babying. It shouldn’t be handled roughly and should be kept out of danger, as scratches and scuffs can easily show up on a Prada Cervo Leather bag. But if you don’t mind the extra care, this leather is a very lovely and voguish choice.



Prada Nappa Gaufre Leather 
Prada Nappa Gaufre Leather is undoubtedly one of the most sought after leathers in the industry. It is incredibly thin and soft to touch with a classy and luxurious appearance that looks fabulous on literally any bag. Ladies love the immense detail and texture of this leather and fall in love with its polished design. And while you may think this leather is overly delicate due to its thinness, it is rather durable and can hold up well- although you should try to keep it away from harms way as much as possible. Prada Nappa Gaufre Leather is a definitely favorite and many believe it looks best in darker colors.



Prada Canapa/Canvas
Canvas has had a reputation as being delicate and easily destroyed. Stains stick to canvas like white on rice! However, when it comes to Prada Canapa/Canvas, we can certainly say that this isn’t entirely true. Prada certainly went out of their way to make sure their canvas could withstand the test of time by making it sturdy, luxurious, and durable. While Prada Canapa/Canvas is still more risky than other leathers, it is still much easier to clean than other canvas in the industry. If you’re opting for this texture, just try to take care of it as best you can and don’t treat it roughly!


Prada-cavallino-ponyhair-2Prada Cavallino Leather 
If you want to switch it up a bit and have a leather that’s different than the rest, Prada Cavallino Leather may be the choice for you. This stunning and sophisticated leather includes the beautiful and soft Calfskin hair, making it as appealing to the eye as it is interesting to touch. It makes any bag go from dull and boring to refined and polished in the blink of an eye. However, Prada Cavallino Leather can easily be stained, so you must handle this leather with care. However, if stains or scuffs do occur they may be easily removed by a professional.


Prada Tessuto Bomber 
The Prada Tessuto Bomber is an exquisite piece that is very appealing to look at. Its versailite exterior oozes elegance and is the perfect accessory for high end events or strolls around town. Ladies love the thick and pleated look of the exterior, giving it plenty of funk and chic attitude. The bag is made of the favored Prada Gaufre Nylon with a sensational rich leather trim for a sturdy and durable duo that can withstand almost anything. The Prada Tessuto Bomber is fairly easy to clean, and if any scratch or scuff dares penetrate this glorious bag, it can be cleaned professionally with ease. All in all, this is a wonderful accessory that can (and should) be taken everywhere.



Prada Tessuto Gauffré Leather
Prada Tessuto Gauffre Leather is heavenly. And don’t take it from me, take it from the thousands of fashionistas around the world that rave over this sensational leather. It comes with an elegant and delicate pleating, giving it that extra spark of trend and class to separate it from the rest. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but this refined leather is incredibly durable and can last for months on end. Its sturdiness is a key feature, which means your bag won’t slouch or sag, while also being able to withstand the elements with ease. This classic and dignified leather is certainly a favorite for any bag and can easily be worn season to season. Basque in the comfort and class that is Prada Tessuto Gauffre Leather and you’ll have no worries.

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Prada Unveils Short Film “The Swimmer” Starring Inside Bag

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Directed by James Lima, Prada unveils short films dedicated to the newly launched “Inside Bag” collection – “The Swimmer”.

The new Prada Inside Bag in amazing short films by director James Lima

In these short films the director tells the true essence of the luxury Italian fashion house, Lima adds a series of surreal, dreamlike animated and wonderful underwater concept to the movies entitled “The Swimmer”.

“The Swimmer”, Prada Inside Me, by James Lima

"The Swimmer" Dreamy, surreal animated movies by James Lima for Prada new Inside Bag

The new it bag of the house was launched during the autumn winter 2015 catwalk and officially ready to become the object of desire of fashionistas all over the world. The new Inside Bag is told in these six short films that Prada has released in recent days on their social channels and on its official website

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What is this we’re seeing? Another reversible available in the market? Well, just so you know, Prada ain’t the type to be left behind – they’ve come up with their own version of the reversible tote as well…in Nappa leather, no less. And we are quite impressed, alright. So, do you want to have your very own piece? We’ll try to convince you even more.

This piece is a soft reversible tote with double handles – perfect for giving you ease in carrying all of your essentials. It is also adorned with steel hardware and metal lettering logo (a testament of the bag’s quality), which gives it a beautiful shine. It even gets better because it has a pocket with zipper closure – who says you can’t have it all with a reversible? Life just got better.

The main side comes in black, but you can choose from four equally beautiful colors for the flip side (Lily-of-the-Valley White, Agave, Anise and Astral). You can get your very own Soft Reversible Nappa Leather Tote for $1,590 USD or €1,250 EUR via Prada e-store.











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Prada lovers in the house, make some noise! Today, we’re going to feature the Bow Cosmetic Pouch with Chain, another delectable treat that comes in an assortment of candy colors to choose from (if pastels and light shades are your thing, you know what to find). These babies come in beautiful Saffiano leather, with an added design element which is a cute bow with the luxury house’s metal lettering logo in front.

The bag may be called a cosmetic pouch, but it has a chain and can be used as a beautiful shoulder bag…which leaves us with a tricky question – is it really a pouch or a shoulder bag? The jury is out on this one, but we’d want to know your thoughts. What do you think?

It is also adorned with gold-plated hardware, which shines beautifully and accentuates the piece’s exterior. It has zipper closure, which keeps all of your valuables intact. Also, for added measure, it has two inside pockets – I mean, if you have to fit all of your stuff in a teeny bag then this should be on top of your list! Even with its seemingly minute size, it has enough space to store your essentials.

Priced at $780 USD or €590 EUR, you can get your very own Bow Cosmetic Pouch with Chain via Prada e-store.







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Prada Maintains a Strong Trajectory with Its Spring 2016 Runway Bags

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