Roger Vivier hand in hand Jeanne Damas presents 2015-2016 winter series

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Paris luxury accessories brand Roger Vivier selected contemporary “Belle de Jour” Jeanne Damas as its spokesperson 2015-2016 autumn and winter series of style.


This season’s products album by the British photographer Kate Bellm directed, shot in Paris and the surrounding attractions. Jeanne unique chic style, stroll the Seine, the Eiffel Tower or indulge in reflection, the sometimes linger in the cafe’s terrace, but when the club lost in the gloom, wherever you go, Roger Vivier classic single product go hand in hand : charismatic and iconic spherical heel, buckles more refined simple but elegant new high-heeled shoes, boots, and the new Miss Viv ‘bright patent leather handbag.
Roger Vivier and Jeanne Damas close hand in hand, perfect presentation and interpretation of the feeling of Paris. Indifferent indifferent, elegant, sexy or edgy …… Jeanne has a personality lips and graceful posture, she represents the lifestyle and attitude of Paris, showing the pure Parisian, will all melt is reflected in her emotional life, gestures , fascinating. Roger Vivier Paris continue to build the iconic women’s wardrobe accessories, both charming mature women, or rebellious girl, can derive different inspiration. This time, Roger Vivier and Jeanne Damas writing Weiwei Ya myth, and whom inject modern elements.
For Roger Vivier creative director Bruno Frissoni concerned, Jeanne Damas is a source of inspiration: “For me, she is ‘pretty girl next door’ .Jeanne the first time to the studio, I had to feel as if she has been recognized for a long time. she is very charming, high spirits, the kind you might be in Saint-Germain-des-Prés Church, cafe de Flore, Bucy street coincidence Roger Vivier girl …… great feeling! ”
Roger Vivier brand ambassador Ines de la Fressange gently adds:.. “Jeanne is typical of modern Paris, the young woman she was already a fashion icon, but in the face of fashion and trends, while being very natural to wear jeans, she looked fine elegant, while wearing a dress, she was full of cool .Jeanne represents an attitude, this is her peers like her place .Roger Vivier also very concerned about this group: they love fashion and accessories, I looked at the mother Photos in the way, but to create their own style. Welcome to the fashion circle!”
Jeanne represents a style, she combines the different elements of fashion with a keen intuition. In 2009, 15 years old, she opened a blog to show her, a Parisian girl has the world lives. In that world, showing her style in front of the camera, but also people able to understand the spirit of a generation that she represents. Today, she is 22 years old, and fans on Instagram has close to 10 million, and will soon step into the film and television industry.
Jeanne terms of this cooperation is an extraordinary fortune, but also a great opportunity, she stressed: “It is Roger Vivier 2015 Winter series of endorsements, I am very honored, because it is a symbol of Paris fashion brands I and it has the same values and aesthetics. it is both innovative, but also has a timeless charm, classic single product enduring. Weiwei Ya can have the opportunity to be selected, really is an honor. when I think Roger Vivier spokesperson for the past decade the world worship ‘Parisienne’ perfect incarnation, I just want to thank Roger Vivier ”
Jeanne has a classic sweet face and lazy temperament sight to behold. Like with the latest styling and lines re-interpretation of the buckle. The new season debut buckle a more neat angles and design, more avant-garde. Used in knee high boots on (engraved version of the classic Roger Vivier), and sketched out so longing legs curve. New buckle to Trompette speaker added a touch of urban chic and sexy atmosphere with high heels. Jeanne chose silver ornaments charged in the shooting, with unique and elegant style of interpretation.
Miss Viv ‘bag
Paris girl is not afraid to contrast. Her colorful nightlife, day trips also very fulfilling. Miss Viv ‘bag she can fully meet different needs. Roger Vivier’s winter new handbag style with modern design, slightly longer Baoshen, larger capacity, can accompany you through all kinds of occasions, and fashion degree doubled. Using dynamic black patent leather to create, both college style, but also no shortage tender style. In the classic square Miss Viv ‘bag, distinctive use of the stars and sequins and other interesting patterns and colors full of meaning, and Jeanne high cold temperament perfectly matched. Jeanne abundance on the screen toot lip being enjoying “Roger Vivier” brand juice taste, popular culture is a great show.
Prismicklozengeseriesandevening series
Jeanne leisurely sitting in the cabin, or leisurely leaning on cafe terraces, will Prismick lozenge Series incorporates a beautiful youth in unlimited. 1970s style tassels, sharp rock style stiletto heels together and sketched out her elegant gestures inadvertently. Croqueuse de Diamants a series of lessons from the 1987 collection of works inspired re-interpretation, both sides of the ring with crystal embroidery ornaments, the ultimate luxury, is the best option to attend the dinner or the red carpet.
Just as every fairy tale has a happy ending, a young Parisian girl wearing fashion wedding dress, wedding shoes Roger Vivier foot, about to enter holy matrimony!
These stories full of photos will appear in this season’s product catalog, the global 37 Roger Vivier boutiques starting from July 2015 show the pictures. By then, let’s open it and draw inspiration which, following Jeanne together to explore the magic of Paris.

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Roger Vivier ‘T-Shirt Love’ Gommette Ballet Pumps

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With Valentine’s Day in just over a month, you can be sure that this won’t be the last Valentine’s Day-dedicated post you’ll be seeing on this blog for now. From Roger Vivier comes the specially-created Gommette ballet pump just perfect for that day of love that’s called T-Shirt Love. Why it’s called what it’s called I’ll never know, but the important thing to note about this gorgeous pair of metallic leather pumps is the detailing, more specifically, the painted red heart and the word Love which you’ll find on either toe cap.


No word yet on when they’ll actually be launched in Singapore, or how much they’ll cost a pair, so do stay tuned for more updates. Or ring Roger Vivier directly at 6737-8444 and find out for yourself, and while you’re at it, do ask about the matching bag (the Miss Viv’) and clutch (the Mini Buckle) that’s also part of this special collection.

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